Diving for Survival

Maddy Hopson is a British swimmer training for the 2012 London Olympics. She meets Tom Daley and they fall in love. When Tom goes away to training camp their relationship is put to the test when his ex shows up! Tom is Diving for Survival but will they survive?


3. my life isn't easy

I pulled my long brown hair into a bun at the top of my head, it had mostly dried by now anyway, I got my belongings out of my locker, and made my way through the corridors, and out the back entrance, where Tom was waiting leaning against his black mini.   'Sorry, how long have you been waiting here?' I asked him, looking at my watch as a few butterflies where in my stomach, like, seriously. This was Tom Daley. He wanted to meet me. Why? I don't know.   'No, I've only just got here, honestly!' He smiled at me, I felt the butterflies do summersaults in my stomach.   'I'll just put my stuff in my car!' I told him, as I walked across from him to my white range rover, my baby. It was way out of the way from where people usually park. I couldn't have anyone hitting it now could I! My family was quite wealthy, I had money going into my bank account every week from my grandmother, who was incredibly wealthy. My grandmother was getting on a bit now though, and I rarely got to see her. Just as I put my stuff in my car and locked it, I begin making my way over to Tom, as my phone started ringing in my pocket, I pulled it out to view 'In coming call: Jane.' Jane was my Godmother, who I still yet hadn't seen since I arrived back here in Plymouth.   'Hello?' I answered it, to be met by her voice on the other side of the phone, Jane was practically my mother, well, the closest thing I legally had to one.   'Maddy! Hun, How are you?' She asked, concerned.   'I'm fine' I sighed, I actually was fed up of everything, living on my own, I had no company.   'I heard you're back living here right, who's staying with you?' She questioned me.   'No one!' I told her.   'What?! No one?! Why?! Come live with me, I'm here with Mia, we have a spare room, it's the least I could do!' She offered.   'Are you serious?' I asked her, this was amazing, she lived about 10 minutes away from the pool here, an instant smile came to my face!   'Of course I'm serious! How about move in tonight?' She asked.   'Oh my god, thank you so much Jane! How can I thank you?' I responded to her.   'You don't need to, silly!' She told me.   'Okay, well, I'll phone you later? I'm with someone at the moment' I told her, as a smirk came to my face. 'And before you ask, I'll tell you later! Bye!' I giggled, as I knew she'd ask who I was with.   'Sorry about that Tom' I said to him sincerely.   'It's alright love! What you so happy about? I swear you weren't that happy before you got that phone call!' Tom asked me.   'Well.. It seems like I won't be living on my own any more' I smiled at him.   'That's wonderful! Madz.. may I ask, why were you living on your own anyway? Why don't you live with your parents?' He asked me, I don't know what it was about this boy, whether it was the sparkle in his eyes, the way he generally seemed concerned, or how down to earth he was, something in me mediately trusted him, so I guess I wanted to tell him, as it seemed like he did actually care.   'I don't have any parents' I told him. 'They left me, my Mum, my Dad, and my sister.. they just left, I just woke up one morning when I was 14.. and they, they were just gone.'   'What? Where've they gone?' He asked me, I could see the worry and concern in his eyes.   'Tom, if I knew that, I'd be going out to find them...' I told him. 'Also.. Sorry to hear about your Dad'   'It's alright' He smiled. 'Well.. it isn't necessarily alright, but yeah' He kinda laughed.   'You're doing 2012 for him, aren't you?' I asked him.   'Course I am, it's all he would of wanted' Tom responded to me.   'I always used to tell my Mum when I was younger, I wanted to be a swimmer in the olympics, I never thought it would of come true back then though' I told him.   'You should do 2012 for your Mum then' Tom told me, putting his arm casually around me.   'I am.' I told him, I had only been speaking to this boy for about an hour, but it felt like I knew him already. I knew he was going to be a friend for life.  
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