Diving for Survival

Maddy Hopson is a British swimmer training for the 2012 London Olympics. She meets Tom Daley and they fall in love. When Tom goes away to training camp their relationship is put to the test when his ex shows up! Tom is Diving for Survival but will they survive?


16. Home Sweet Home

Tom's P.O.V

I had been home for a few hours to see my family, obviously them asking me all these questions about the pictures of 'her' kissing me. I had informed them of what happened, and they knew it would of been something along them lines that had happened. After I spent a few hours with them, I headed back up to Maddy's house.. my girlfriend's house.. it felt good saying that.

When I got to Maddy's house, we sat in the kitchen, talking, smirking, kissing, flirting.. just enjoying each others company.

'I've missed you so much' Maddy told me, straddling me as I sat on the chair.

'Oh really' I smirked at her, running one of my hand underneath her top, up her bare back. She bit her lip and nodded. 'I've missed you too' I informed her, biting her lip as I kissed her. I ran my other hand up her thigh underneath her loose shorts. I knew what she wanted.

'You're such a tease, you know that?' She questioned, her breathing pace increasing.

'If you say so' I grinned, as she pulled herself closer to me. 'Shall we continue this upstairs?' I whispered seductively in her ear, to which she didn't refuse, jumping off me and leading me upstairs.

Maddy's P.O.V

Tom had me pinned gentle against my bedroom wall, my bedroom door locked, just in case. It was 8 o'clock, and Jane was out working for the night, and Mia had gone to a spa hotel, so I decided to take advantage of this perfect opportunity. Tom gently bit my neck as he took of my short cami top, which left me in my lacy red bra and loose flowery shorts. I could feel myself becoming more turned on with every kiss and touch.

'We better take this off' I whispered into his ear, biting his ear lobe, and I unbuttoned his shirt, letting it fall to the floor, then running my hands over his chest. Before I looked back up at him, he caught me by placing his lips on mine, something I would never get tired of. I felt his hands fall to my waist, tugging down my shorts, they fell to the floor effortlessly, which then left me standing there in my bra and matching knickers.

'You are actually perfect' Tom mumbled on my lips, as our crotches grinned together, feeling his bulge through my thin underwear, turning me on even more. I had been waiting for this moment forever. Within a few minutes, his shorts were joined with my clothes, which left him there in his Calvin Klein boxers, and his every growing bulge. 'Let's move this to the bed shall we' He smirked on my lips, lifting me up as I wrapped my legs round his waist, as I fell back on the bed first, Tom on top. As we landed on the bed, I pushed his boxers down with my feet, they fell to the floor. I couldn't help but smirk as I took his long length in my hands, giving him a few pumps.

'Fuck, you're massive' I breathed, I felt him smirk as began sucking on my neck, causing me to let out a soft moan. His hand trailed to the middle of my back, unhooking my bra with one hand, before it joining the heap of clothes on the floor. 'Impressive' I winked at him, as I lay there, in nothing by my small knickers, as he began massaging my breasts, flicking his thumb over my nipples every now and then. 'Mmmm.. Tom' I moaned, before his hands went down my waist, pulling my knickers all the way down, which he then took his hand and rubbed where I needed him the most.

'You are so fucking wet' He smirked into my ear, inserting his middle finger all the way in me, pumping it backwards and forwards, causing my hips to buck, before he inserting another finger, causing me to wrap my legs around him, wanting more. As he pumped his fingers, he let them curl as they left me, hitting my g-spot every time causing moans to escape from my lips. I let my legs fall, just as he picked them up, and placed them gently over his shoulder, before his moist tongue got to work on my centre, causing me to push myself further onto his face. 'You taste so good' Tom mumbled, before working his tongue on me harder and faster. Within a few minutes my legs where back on the bed, as Tom hovered over me, positioning his massive manhood over my entrance. 'Ready?' Tom asked, looking deep into my eyes, to which I nodded, before he took a massive thrust into me, his elbows either side of me, keeping himself up. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this, it had been 3 year since I last had sex, and it was the first time I had sex too, as I lost my virginity at 15, it wasn't something I was completely proud of.

'Fuck, Tom, ugh' I moaned, as he pulled himself in and out of me, going deeper each time, I threw my head back in pleasure, as my walls tightened around him.

'You're so tight, fuck' He breathed into my neck.

'Faster Tom' I moaned, he followed my command by increasing the pace, as our hips bucked together, I knew I was going to have some bruises there in the morning, as my legs were spread fully apart. I arched my back up towards him as the pleasure kept taking over my body as Tom's fingers got tangled in my hair.

'Cum for me baby' He whispered into my ear, moving himself even faster, taking one hand out of my hair and began rubbing my centre where we both came together as one.

'I'm almost there Tom..' I told him breathlessly.

'Me too baby, me too' He told me, sweat forming at the top of his head, I couldn't take it any longer, just as I was about to hit my peak, he spilled inside me, he warm liquid filling up my insides as I screamed his name, it wasn't long before he started screaming mine as he pace slowed down. We both came down from our high, as he pulled his long member out of me, we just lay there letting our breathing slow down before we finally spoke to one another.

'So, am I the biggest you've slept with?' Tom winked.

'Indeed, you're fucking massive, I don't know if I'll be able to walk tomorrow' I told him, a smug look written all over his face.

'You're so good' Tom told me, as I smirked at him, before we both got tangled up in each others bodies, I'll remember this night forever. The night we joined as one.

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