Diving for Survival

Maddy Hopson is a British swimmer training for the 2012 London Olympics. She meets Tom Daley and they fall in love. When Tom goes away to training camp their relationship is put to the test when his ex shows up! Tom is Diving for Survival but will they survive?


12. Family


I walked into the house threw my keys in my bag and threw my bag down in anger. I slide my body down the wall and put my head in my hands.

'You alright love?' I heard a voice which I immediately recognized as Jane's, she gently pulled my hands away from my head and I nodded. 'No you're not, want to come talk about it?' She asked, as I nodded. I forced myself up off the marble floor and followed her into the living room, as we both sat on sofa. 'Boys?' She questioned.

'Yeah' I nodded.

'They're all idiots, don't worry about it. Come give me a cuddle' She requested, as I moved my body up and cuddled into her.

'I wish you were my mum' I informed her.

'Me too darling, me too' She told me, kissing me on the top of my head.

'I'm going to bed now anyway' I stated.

'Alright then love, if I don't see you in the morning I'll see you when I get home from work, are you going down to the pool tomorrow?' Jane asked me.

'Not tomorrow' I smiled, I hadn't been there today either, but it was the least of my concerns right now.

'Okay then, goodnight' Jane smiled back at me before I walked up stairs to bed. As I put my phone on charge, it made a noise, and lit up. Informing me I had a message. I opened it, it was from Tom.

From: Tom x

Sam told me what you said to her.. I'm sorry xxx

I decided to ignore it, and reply in the morning or whenever I felt up to it. I took all my make up off, and put some pyjama shorts and a white cami top, not really caring at the fact my hot red bra was showing right through it and climbed into bed, and I soon fell off into the land of dreams, hoping it would be a better place than where I was now.

I woke up the following morning at half 11, standard. I had a good sleep surprisingly. I reached for my phone and I had a few messages off Tom.

From: Tom x - (received at 2:18am)

Are you awake? xx

From: Tom x - (received at 2:32am)

I'll take that as a no..

From: Tom x - (received at 8:26am)

Look, I really need to speak to you.. I've been thinking about you all night :/ xxx

From: Tom x - (received at 9:48am)

Are you ignoring me? Please don't ignore me, I know I'm the last person you'd want to see and speak to right now, but I really need to speak to you! xxx

From: Tom x - (received at 10:17am)

I don't know if you're still asleep, but text me when you wake up if you are, yeah? xxx

I didn't really know what to reply, but I thought that I owed him a reply at the least.

To: Tom x

Only just got up, but you can come round to mine now if you like, I don't look very presentable at the moment and look a mess, but that doesn't matter xxx

It was as if he was waiting for a reply, as he had text back within a minute.

From: Tom x

I'll be over now xxx

To: Tom x

The door is open, come up the stairs and I'm in the first room on the left xxx

I lay in bed for ten minutes, with my head faced down in the cushions, before I felt the front door open and footsteps coming up the stairs, I guess it was now or never.

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