Diving for Survival

Maddy Hopson is a British swimmer training for the 2012 London Olympics. She meets Tom Daley and they fall in love. When Tom goes away to training camp their relationship is put to the test when his ex shows up! Tom is Diving for Survival but will they survive?


10. An easy day

'Hello you!' Tom greeted me as I followed his directions and it led me straight to his house, it was a bit chilly and rainy outside so Tom immediately brought me in. 'Hello!' I smiled at him, as he gave me a kiss on the cheek. 'That's all I'm worth then, a kiss on the cheek?' I winked at him. 'Come here then' he smirked, I followed his instruction and took a few smalls steps towards me, he wrapped his arms round my waist, and I put my arms round his neck and he kissed my lips repeatedly. 'Was that better?' he questioned. 'Much' I smirked at him. 'Would you like a drink or anything?' he asked me. 'Not at the moment thanks' I smiled at him, I could help but notice his perfection, and his dimples when he smiled showing his pearl white teeth. 'Let's go watch a DVD! Upstairs or here? A bed is much comfier that a sofa though...' He told me. 'Upstairs it is then!' I grinned at him, as I followed him up the stairs into his bedroom, it wasn't a typical boys bedroom, it was all cosy with a few family pictures on the wall and a few of his medals on show. 'What shall we watch?' Tom asked me. 'You pick!' I replied to him. In the end we settled for Bend it Like Beckham! A good choice! Tom had gave me his jogging pants and a big t-shirt to put on instead and my clothes would just get creased lying in bed, he had also changed into his jogging pants. 'You don't bite, do you?' I winked at him as I climbed under the cover and cuddled into his body, he immediately put a hand round my waist. 'Not unless you want me to' he smirked, adding a wink 'Thomas! You are disgusting!' I told him, laughing as well as I pretended to be shocked. 'Are you a virgin?' As soon the words left his mouth, I couldn't help but laugh. 'Are you?' I questioned, before answering the question he previously asked. 'I asked you first!' He defended. 'No I'm not..' I told him, being all cool about it. 'Nor am I don't worry' he smirked at me. 'Three turn ons?' He asked. 'Now we're getting somewhere aren't we' I winked at him. 'Err, someone who's in control.. Neck kisses and back massages, yours?' 'I dunno, all round pleaser to be honest' he smirked at me. 'Can we drop the subject of conversation now please?' I laughed, to which he agreed. 'What time is your mum and brothers home?' 'About 6!' Tom told me, 'so to save the awkwardness we'll leave for the fair at about quarter to 6, ok?' he smiled at me, showing his dimples. 'Yeah, that's a good idea!' I informed him. 'What time is it now?' I asked him. 'I don't know, why don't you look?' Tom giggled. 'Because you're all comfy!' I confessed to him. 'I'll look then!' Tom exclaimed, sitting up which caused me to move onto my back and not have his body to cuddle into, and have no duvet over me as it had been brought up as he sat up. 'Tommmmm!!!!' I moaned. 'Awww I'm sorry baby!' he pouted. 'It's half four by the way' he told me, putting his hand next to mine. I had the sudden desire to kiss him, so I decided to drop a few hints. Our eyes made contact so I stared into them for a few seconds before I flickered my eyes down towards his lips and back up again, smiling slightly while I softly bit my lip suggestively. I don't think he had to have anymore hints, within a few seconds his lips were pressed on mine, his hands either side of my body, holding him up for support. My hands were running through his soft black hair. The kiss had a bit more force than the one we had shared the previous night. I felt his moist tongue running along my bottom lip, begging for an entrance which I accepted, I smiled into the kiss, which I'm positive he felt, our lips moved in sync with each other exploring the depth of each others mouths. I was the first to break away from the kiss after a few minutes as I remembered we both needed air to breathe. As we pulled away, I planted a few small kisses on his mouth, both of our smiles beaming. I don't think he understood how happy he made me. And he wasn't even my boyfriend...
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