Diving for Survival

Maddy Hopson is a British swimmer training for the 2012 London Olympics. She meets Tom Daley and they fall in love. When Tom goes away to training camp their relationship is put to the test when his ex shows up! Tom is Diving for Survival but will they survive?


7. A night out

Tom had informed me that he would be picking me up at 7, and to be dressed up, and that he was taking me out for dinner, so dressed kind of formal, and he wasn't tell me any more. I had decided on wearing a gold sequin dress, which had a white skirt attached and went longer at the back, along with my beige platform heels. I had curled my long brown hair and my make-up was at a suitable standard.   'Maddy you look gorgeous! I haven't probably seen you cause I've been in work, we need a catch up!!' Mia, Jane's daughter complimented me.   'Thank you Mia! I know, I'll see what time I come in tonight!' I informed her.   'Indeed! So, who's the lucky fella?' She winked at me.   'Shall I just tell you, or do you want to guess?' I asked.   'Give me a few clues, I'm up for a game!' She smirked at me.   'Ok, he's a diver.. he's qualified for London 2012... He was diving in Beijing' I grinned at her.   'And he's from Plymouth?' She asked, a smile appeared on her face as I nodded.   'Tom Daley?' She questioned, I smirked as I nodded my head. 'Oh my god! Get in there Madz!' She gasped, just at the door knocked, my stomach turned into knots for some unknown reason.   'My date is here, I'll see you later' I winked at her.   'I'm waiting up for you!' Mia called as I walked down the marble floor, my heels clicking against it.   'Hello you' Tom greeted me, as I opened the door. 'You look beautiful, as always' He complimented me, putting his arm around my waist.   'Thank you, you've scrubbed yourself up well too' I smirked at him, he was wearing dark blue jeans, a white shirt and a navy blazer.   'It does occur to me, how do you walk in them heels?' He asked, looking down at my beige heels.   'I don't know, want to try?' I smirk, he politely declined.   ****   Tom took me to a lovely quiet restaurant out of the way of the spotlight. The restaurant was sat by a beach, and the sun set was just going down. You could tell at the start of the night we were both kind of nervous, you could feel it, but that quickly vanished once we arrived and had settled down on the candlelit table, with a rose on it.   'There, have the rose' Tom winked, as he handed me a rose I think he had requested for it to be put there, as no other table had one, and he just wouldn't admit it.   'Thank you, such a charmer' I winked back at him.   'I know' He said smugly. 'Shall we go for a walk?' Tom asked after we let out food digest, none of us had been drinking, as Tom was driving, so it felt rude to be the only one. Tom had also insisted he paid for us both, despite my many attempts of offering.   'Yeah, okay then' I smiled, Tom being the gentlemen he is helped me out on my chair, taking my hand as we comfortably walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. 'Thanks for tonight Tom' I thanked him, cuddling my body into his as his arm was round my waist, and my hand linked with it.   'No problem babe' He spoke into my ear. I couldn't help but inhale his boyish scent as I was shaped into his body walking along the beach. 'You finished smelling me yet?' He asked.   'Sorry, you smell lovely' I apologized, I could feel myself turning a slight shade of red. We leant against a wall and watched the sunset go down together, whilst having some conversations throwing in our flirtatious comments. I didn't notice how close our bodies had come, I could feel his warm breath on me, sending shivers down my spin. His arms were now on my waist, and mine were gently wrapped around his neck, gently stroking the his hair at the back of his head as I stared deep into his brown eyes, he licked his lips and we both knew what was coming next. Before I knew it, our lips were pressed together, moving gentle in sync with one enough, as if it was natural for us. I could feel the sparks flying.  
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