Life with Problems

Everyone is different, and everyone has a unique experiences that no one else can claim it. Even if in thinking, focusing, noticing something that are different. That is why every person should have to tell their stories.
Some of the true stories talks about the struggles, burdens, difficulties in their life.
That made them to question on it. They feel conscious, curios, negative in thinking instead of fighting their problems they sent to make them down. That is why some people can go to bad path and they blame GOD why is it happen to them. But try to think in case of thinking negative or bad. Maybe it is just a challenge for you to strive or endure it.
So we have to share our stories to make sure or to think that we are not the most unlucky people in this world. God make us with our respective fate because we all know every people in this world is not perfect. . .


1. It's me


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