Hey beauties I'm Cassily, 16 born Valentines day I've always been a bit of a match maker, but I never can take my own advice. Well love you bye :-*


4. What?!?!


Cassily's P.O.V.

I get to walk home because I live close enough to the school and I don't have enough money for a car yet. Oh joy! The bad part is Carter lives right down the road so I have to take the long way to avoid him. Today I was running late to get home, I have to watch my little sister until our parents get home, so I had to take the quick way. I'm now sprinting to get home so Lila (my lil sis) won't be home alone, she can get so scared at times, and I run smack dab into to Carter. This couldn't get any worse could it.

"Oh Cassily didn't get enough of me today did she" he sneers at me

"You are so right Carter I've been waiting to hit you for months, so I planned it" I say laughing at him "Yeah right Carter in your dreams now move I'm in a hurry to get home" Figures every time I try to dodge him he steps into my path and I can't take on all his guys without getting messed up and that would make Lila freak if she saw me bloody and bruised. If you haven't noticed I care about my baby sister a lot she can be annoying at times but what sibling isn't. "Why are you in such a hurry Cassily afraid you might have a little fun if you let me have my way"

"Again Carter. You. Wish. Now   MOVE! You know exactly why I have to be home right now seeing as you've been stalking me for so long" Finally I catch him off guard with my last comment, so I run for it when he snaps at his guys to shut up. I make it the rest of the way home in one piece and moments before Lila thankfully.

"Hey chica how was school?" I say unlocking the door and opening it for her. "It was fun we had an extra recess and then we were allowed to eat lunch outside and I got an A+ on my math test" she giggles bringing me her paper as I toast some bagels "No way! Really! I told you if you work hard you'll do good" I say hugging her and then I put cinnamon butter on our bagels and we sit down to do homework and eat our snacks. This is our everyday routine come home talk about school then eat and do homework, and it keeps her motivated to keep good grades in school because she knows I do the same. 
About an hour later our parents get home well it's really our mom and step-dad but we consider him our dad.

"SISSY! There's someone outside and they said they wanted to see you."

"Oh really? Who?"

"The boy who lives down the street." What! I'm freaking out in my head right now why would Carter come to my house she must be playing a prank. "CASSILY! A boy named Carter is here to see you sweetie." Mom yells down to me "Coming." Great! Not only do I have to deal with him but my parents and him. I'm dead. "Hi Carter what's up?" I act very polite until my mom can't hear me "What the hell are you doing here Carter? I swear if you start shit with me around my family I will kill you" he looks up and his eyes hint someones coming so I go back to being polite me

"I came by to drop off the Algebra notes you let me borrow Cassily and to say thank you for letting me borrow them" He hands me a folder and now I'm confused. I don't even talk to him let alone let him touch my stuff and there is no way in hell I would let him copy my notes. "Why thank you Carter, but we were just about to have dinner so I'm afraid you will have to leave now" My mom comes to the rescue without realizing it.

"Goodbye now. Cassily did you help someone cheat"

"No ma'am he missed class a couple days ago so I let him use my notes to see what he missed" I lie smoothly and I feel terrible for it. "Well then ok. Now go clean up dinner should be done in about ten minutes." I run down to my room anxious to see what's in the folder but I throw it on my bed and get ready for dinner. 
After dinner I go back to my room I see the folder on my bed and close my door. I pick up the folder cautiously afraid to know what he did because well this is Carter. I turn it around and open it away from my face just in case and papers fell onto my bed. I pick one up and start reading through the names. Wait?! What?! Names? Why did carter give me three pages with two different lists of names on each side by side? As I skim through the names I realize I don't know any of them until one pair sticks out. 

Torin      Alissa
Kevin      Mary
Carter     Cassily
Benjamin   Lisa
Why were our names right next to each other on a list of boys and girls I don't even know? I flip through the pages trying to find something that would tell me what this was all about until I came across this.
Betrothal Arrangements for UK and US(List of Children from 1997 Grouping)
I read it a good ten times before I finally get it to click what this might mean then I start to freak out.
Betrothal? I don't have an arranged marriage do I? My parents would have told me. Right? Oh. My God. What if I do? With Carter?
I decide to do some research on the company. I pull out my laptop and start searching. I find the companies website and wow are they fancy. It explains how they match two children boy and girl after the parents put their kids' names in the computers pooling system and that system will match the names to create "The best Marriage possible" so the kids can live happy lives. Wait. A System on a computer decided I should marry Carter. My parents would have never trusted something like this let alone enroll me into it. Right? I keep reading and find out their first group was a test group from 1997. What?!

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