Hey beauties I'm Cassily, 16 born Valentines day I've always been a bit of a match maker, but I never can take my own advice. Well love you bye :-*


3. The Gang

Cassily's P.O.V.

It was finally lunch time thank god I needed a break and I love hangin out with everyone. I saw Danny in the lunch line and jumped in with him a couple people giving me dirty looks others not caring. "Hey man"

"Hey Cassily so any tips on what I shouldn't eat"

"The cook here is pretty good so you're pretty safe" I laugh "So did you get around ok"

"yeah" he starts looking anywhere but at me so I know he's trying to hide something(hey tells are easy to spot) "What's wrong?" "Nothing" "Liar now tell me please" thats when I notice the red mark by his right eye where his hair hangs in his face "Oh my god what happened? Did Carter and his boys do this?" we are walking up to the table now "No it's fine Cassily I can handle myself" "You must be Danny" Jake said "Yeah this is Danny introductions can wait a minute. Danny who did it?"

"No one."

"Dude don't even try with her it's useless" that was Vincent he's learned from experience. Danny gave them all a look and they agreed with Vincent. "Fine yes it was Carter"

"I'm gonna kick his ass"

"NO.....he said I deserved it because you interfered this morning"

"Danny we have your back as long as Cassily is cool with you you're one of us." Brandon

"Ok" Danny says sighing.

"Now for intros. That was Brandon, Vincent, then Jake, and Rudy they are fraternal twins. Everyone this is Danny." They all nod a hello in concession. We have a wonderful time joking around at lunch but of course our sunshine couldn't stay for long Carter shows up.

"Hey Cassily" he tries to sound all seductive but it doesn't affect me at all "Carter how are you sweetie?" Sarcasm oh how I love it but he ignores it "So I see your little queer friend has been accepted by the rest of your freak band."

"Carter I have an idea why don't you take your problem with us and shove it  or I'll do it for you now leave so we can finish our lunch without barfing" I really hate it when people make fun of others because they are different and/or lgbt. "You really think your oh so great huh Cassily 'Big Bad Cass' quit acting like you're something you're not"

"Carter you better watch your mouth or else you'll have half the school handing you your ass on a silver platter. You know they would all stand behind Cassily. Plus you know you can't call her Cass." Rudy is so sweet "Whatever freaks" and of course Carter storms off  with his attitude. "Umm what was that all about" Danny asks

"That was what we call crushing on an enemy" Jake

"Carter likes Cassily but he ticked her off a long time ago" Rudy they like telling stories in a round like this

"Her best friend Riata is bi and dated Carter for like a year and then she found out he was cheating the whole time with her brothers girlfriend"J

"So Cassily hates him because he hurt her girl and he's done his fair share of things to her before that happened"R

"Like when he snuck into her room during her 13th birthday party and trashed it then stripped and when her parents got back they found him"J

"Cassily hadn't been in her room the whole time mind you and her parents thought she had done it"R

"It took a doctor and everyone at the party to prove she didn't"J.

The bell rang ending their little story telling session thank god but the sad part is every bit of it was true what they don't know though is I still think Carter is hot an ass but a hot one. Why is irony so cruel? "Hey Cassily where is room 215 'Culture Art'?"

"I've got that class next follow me and you can call me Cass if you want"

"Ok cool so if you don't mind me asking where is Riata"

"It's Ria actually and she goes to a different school because after the whole Carter incident she insisted on transferring schools. She was so hurt I blame myself everyday 'cause I could see he looked at her differently then at Lucy which was her brothers boyfriend."

"Oh well you can't blame yourself for it."

"Yeah maybe". Truth was I could because I caught them once when they first started dating, but he promised not to do it to her again as long as I didn't tell and she was so happy then that I didn't tell.

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