Hey beauties I'm Cassily, 16 born Valentines day I've always been a bit of a match maker, but I never can take my own advice. Well love you bye :-*


5. ..Sigh...

Carter P.O.V

I knock on the door to Cassily's house and her sister answers "Hello"

"Hey there, Lila right? Well I was wondering if Cassily was home and if I could talk to her." Her mom comes into the front room and looks slightly worried before she remembers I go to school with Cassily. I hear Lila yell down to her sister that I'm here. "Hello ma'am, I'm Carter Nichols, I was wondering if I could speak with Cassily for a moment."

"Why of course, but try to be brief we are eating dinner soon."

"Of course ma'am thank you." 

"CASSILY! A boy named Carter is here to see you sweetie." I see Cassily coming upstairs and she looks so adorable in her pajamas they are just a pair of green sweats and a black tank top but cute no less. Wait. No Carter stop thinking like that before you back out like a chicken. I can't help my feelings, but I can act. "Hi Carter what's up?" her mom leaves "What the hell are you doing here Carter? I swear if you start shit with me around my family I will kill you" Well that didn't take long but I see her mom coming back so I look at her mom to let her know. "I came by to drop off the Algebra notes you let me borrow ,Cassily, and to say thank you for letting me borrow them" I can tell she is completely lost and confused, but her mom rescues her "Why thank you Carter, but we were just about to have dinner so I'm afraid you will have to leave now"

As I walk away from her house I almost feel bad for the prank I just pulled on her. Almost. She deserves it, and she could use some inspiration for the Valentines Day Prank. Yes I know about it. Actually I'm one of the "Anonymous Singles" that is helping her with it. I completely made up the stupid Betrothal Arrangements. My aunt owns a Website Design Software business so it was pretty easy to make up the whole thing. The only problem would be if she talked to her parents, but knowing her I doubt she will.  Obviously I do actually like her a lot, but I can't help it if she hates me. I don't stick with girls for long. I only dated that queer Ria because it meant I could spend more time with Cassily.

I mean Cassily is amazing, beautiful, smart, strong, and-  Shut Up! You really need to stop thinking like that or else you will get all sorts of mushy around the damn girl you have a reputation to uphold man. Right. Reputation. I'm strong and a leader of one of the meanest groups in town, and some girl will not change that ever.

I'm at home and as usual no one is home I'm an only child, my dad split before I was born, and my mom is a clubber and an alcoholic. I go to my room and get online not sure what to do so I get on Facebook and look at Cassily's profile it's the only way I know how she can think. After about an hour or so I give up on waiting for my mom, I figure she stayed with a friend, and I put in a movie sometime I fell asleep because the next thing I know my phone is ringing.

I realize I slept until 10 and it's a Saturday I pick up my phone irritated I got woke up. "Hello"

" Hey man, it's Jarron."

"Hey Jarron what's up"

"The guys are goin' to Lake Henry. Want to come?"

" Uh, sure give me 10 minutes where are we meeting?"

"We have already met at the school I'll pick you up and we can grab some McDonalds on the way out there."

"Wait. You guys met there and didn't try calling me earlier?"

"I did 12 times to be exact with 8 messages. This was the last time I was gonna call."

"Oh well, thanks see ya." Click. I jump in the shower grab some clothes and run out to meet Jarron then we are on our way. I could really use a good, even if short, camping trip.

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