Hey beauties I'm Cassily, 16 born Valentines day I've always been a bit of a match maker, but I never can take my own advice. Well love you bye :-*


1. Grrr...

The pic is Cassily

Cassily's P.O.V.

I can't believe it's right around the corner VALENTINES DAY. It's the best and worst day of the year I never have a date but it's my birthday you would think it would be extra special for me but nope. I've never had luck with guys it sucks how I get along with them so well it's like I'm one of them. As I walk through the school hallways to my locker I practically shoot daggers at every happy couple or smiling person. I mean it's so unfair you'd think I'd get a little more attention with my birthday coming up but none of my friends ever remember, so this year I'm getting people together for a big V-Day prank! 3:D  All of us single people are gonna...wait what am I doing I can't tell. Anywho as I walk up to my locker I see a few of my guy friends hanging out around it...Oh Joy! I wonder what happened. "Hey it's my locker now quit tryin' to break into it...Brandon that means you" they all back off and high five me for busting Brandon he's a bit of a goody two shoes tryin to get good grades and stay out of trouble. Now don't get me wrong I get good grades and keep low as far as trouble goes but I don't try that hard to. "Hey Cassily what's up?" Brandon says trying to play it off "Don't even try it who convinced you to do it and why" I'm kinda the motherly one at times keeping them under control but I know to ask this because he's the only one who knows how to pick locks(aside from me which they don't know) and won't do it unless it's important. "Chill out Cass it was me" Vincent he's always the one causing trouble should've known. "Ok Vince what you do and how screwed are you" I know it has to be bad in order for him to try to break into MY locker let's just say I have extra "safety" precautions."You caught me I needed condoms" he replies "Oh cause you really get laid often enough to go through a box" says Rudy I high fived him and Vince just glared at us and said "Truthfully I need money I owe some people and it's not gonna end well if I don't pay" Now Vince has a slight gambling problem so this doesn't surprise me "Who do you owe and how much" I say with a sigh opening my locker. He looks down ashamed before replying "$200 to Carter and his dumb gang" "Holy shit you really are screwed why do you always get in deep with them Vince you should know better by now!!" I'm close to yelling and people are staring so I bring my voice down "Vince one of these days you won't be able to pay up and your going to get your ass beat. Why?" "I don't know Cass I'm sorry" I hand him 20 bucks and tell him to come up with the rest on his own and head to class Algebra yuck. I'm early to class as usual but Carter beat me here and was already picking on some new guy poor kid "Carter there you go again picking on people smaller than you to make you feel better about your tiny self" I knew I'd at least get a verbal slap for that but it got his attention away from the kid and I can handle myself. "Awww big bad Cassily coming to the rescue I'm so scared" he and his boys laugh although some of them know first hand I can throw a decent punch. "Awww look at Carter picking on someone because he doesn't have the balls to face his own problems" I say mimicking his voice in an instant his face changes to raging bull " You know what Cassily you need to mind your own god damn business instead of interrupting every time you can" right then the bell rings and we sit down I go sit next to the new kid. "My names Cassily what's yours" " Daniel but you can call me Danny and thanks for that"
"No problem man. Why were they bugging you though?" -C
"Because I'm openly gay and proud of it" -D
"That's cool but you know not cool they were messing with you" -C
"Yeah" The teacher started talking so we payed attention to the lesson. Once class was over I asked if he needed help and when he told me no I told him to find me at lunch and he could hang with us. Well lunch is gonna be more fun than usual. ;D

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