Worst Nightmare Ever (Boys NOT Famous)

When Kara Rice moves to London after she has been bullied for 17 years of her life. She thinks things couldn't get any worst, but that was all before she met the five heartbreaking jocks Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles. What happens when she finds out they all really fancy her(not playing around)? Read to find out!!! (Warning Sexual Scenes) and No I don't hate the boys. This is my first Movella so sorry if I suck


7. The Mall Part 2



*Louis’ P.O.V.*


I don’t want her to trust me just to have me break her trust in any guy by having sex with her, and then leave her hurt, broken, and NEVER talk to her again.


                *Kara’s P.O.V.*


Well my first day of school was awesome. I agreed to go to Louis’ house on Friday, and it’s Thursday. So me and Amanda are on our way to the mall where I’m going to get a cute outfit for tomorrow at Louis’ house. By the way Amanda still doesn’t know I’m going to Louis’ house tomorrow after school.

*Skip Car Ride*

We got to the mall, but there weren’t very many people there today. Just a few cars here and there. When we got inside we went straight to Forever 21. We split up in the store. I went over to the dresses first. I saw the most perfect dress. It was a strapless White and Blue stripes and two red stripes. One on each boob running from the top of the dress and ended at the bottom. I was on the front and back. I grabbed my size and walked over to the shoes. When I got over there I saw Red wedges. I grabbed my size, and went to find Amanda. I found her over in the shirts, and showed her my outfit. She freaked, and said she loved it. We went to check out when my phone went off. I grabbed it out of my back pocket, and saw I had a text. I unlocked it and saw the text was from Louis.

(L=Louis M=Me)

L- Hey sexy

M- Hey LouBear

L- KaraBear

M- So my new nickname is “KaraBear”?

L- Yup!

M- Cool

L- So what are you doing?

M- About to check out at Forever 21. You?

L- Just got done cleaning my house for you tomorrow. What are you getting?

M- Cool, and I got a cute dress and wedges for tomorrow, but I am also getting perfume.

L- Awwwwww! Can’t wait to see you in it, and what perfume are you getting?

M- I don’t know yet. Got to go, but I will message you what kind of perfume I get when I get home.

L- OKAY! Bye KaraBear

M- Bye LouBear

*End Of Conversation*

I payed for the dress and wedges, and we headed over to Victoria’s Secret to find a good smelling perfume. While I was over there I saw the most perfect swim suit EVER! Since it’s summer I decided I should get it incase we go swimming at Louis’ house. I grabbed the size I needed and walked over to the perfume’s. I saw “Kissed By The Sun” by “Pink”, and grabbed a big bottle of it. I walked over to the backpack, and saw a Blue and White striped bag. The straps were Red. I grabbed one, and headed to the counter. I bought all that. We were on our way out of the mall when we passed a store filled with skate boards. “Amanda! Want to get a skateboard?” I asked her walking in the store. “I don’t know how to ride.” she told me. I nodded “I can teach you how to ride.” I suggested. She nodded quickly. “Go pick out a board. I will pay for it. After you found one meet me at the front counter.” I told her. She walked away while I walked to get a few boards. I looked and found a board that was just like my dress. What? I love stripes. I grabbed it. I was walking until I came to a board that was Splatter Paint. I grabbed that one to. I also grabbed a plain Blue one, and a plain Red one. I walked up to the front counter and didn’t see Amanda. I set the boards down and went to look for her. I found her looking at two different boards. One was plain Purple and the other was  plain Bright Orange. I walked over to her. “Having trouble picking?” I asked laughing. She nodded. I grabbed both of the boards and walked up to the front counter. I set them down, turned around, and saw Amanda walking towards me. “What are you doing?” She asked me. “Getting you both of the boards.” I said and shrugged. She shook her head, and tried to put one of them back. “No. Amanda it’s fine. I can get all eight boards.” I told her. “There’s only six on the counter though.” she said confused. “I forgot to tell you. I got us custom made boards. Mine has my name and in the letters I got Blue and White Stripes. Yours has you name and every other letter is Purple the other letters are Bright Orange. Don’t whine about me spending too much on you because I can afford it. My parents are rich and people use me to get expensive things. I know you won’t do that right?” I explained. She just nodded her head at me. The person who made our boards walked out holding both of the boards. “Would you like to see them before you buy them to make sure it’s what you want?” the man asked and I just nodded. When he turned the boards around my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how they turned out. “Wow” I said and turned to Amanda to see her expression. She just stood there shocked at what she saw. “Amanda?” I asked snapping her out of her own little world. “I. Love. Them.” she said. “Actually can I get 5 more made?” I asked. He nodded. “Urm Amanda can you go wait in the car? I will be out in a minute. You can start the car and jam out to Ed Sheeran.” I told her and that’s when she ran out the door. “What would you like on them?” he asked me. “Well on the first one I want the name ‘Louis’ and in the letters I want Bright Red, the second one will have the name ‘Zayn’ those letters will be Blue, third board will have the name ‘Liam’ those letters will be Purple, fourth one will have the name ‘Niall’ the letters will be Green, and the last one the name will be ‘Harry’ and those letters will be Bright Orange. Oh and after I look at them will you please wrap them separately though?” he nodded and walked off in the back again. I waited for about 15 minutes until the person I never wanted to see walked in….



A/N: I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy lately. I will try and update more. Love you Boos!!


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