Worst Nightmare Ever (Boys NOT Famous)

When Kara Rice moves to London after she has been bullied for 17 years of her life. She thinks things couldn't get any worst, but that was all before she met the five heartbreaking jocks Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles. What happens when she finds out they all really fancy her(not playing around)? Read to find out!!! (Warning Sexual Scenes) and No I don't hate the boys. This is my first Movella so sorry if I suck


2. The Heartbreaking Jocks

*Kara's POV*

We landed in London and we just got to our new house. I have to admit its pretty big and nice. I'm kinda glad we moved to London. My first day of school is tomorrow. I am picking out my clothes for school. I already made a friend. Her name is Amanda and she lives next to me. She said she will show me around school. Today I went for a walk with Amanda we just talked about what goes on around London. Tomorrow we are going to the mall after school so we can get some new clothes and shoes. 

*Next Morning*

I got dressed in my Blue Polka Dot Dress and some Blue heels. I curled my hair and I didn't put any make-up because I don't think you need to mask your beauty behind cakes on make-up. Amanda drove us to school that morning since I don't have a car yet. When we got there I saw five guys walking together so I asked Amanda who they were she said "the five heartbreaking jocks. The curly haired one is Harry Styles, the blonde one is Niall Horan, the dark haired tan one is Zayn Malik, the short haired one is Liam Payne, and the last one is Louis Tomlinson. Don't go near them because they are trouble all they do is date you for a couple days, fuck you, and then leave you with out saying anything or talking to you any more." They walked by us and they were all staring at me. During maths all five boys sat behind me. One of them kept throwing paper at the back of my head, but I don't know which one. My IPhone 4 fell out of my pocket but I didn't notice. I guess one of the boys picked it up and put all of their numbers in it and then handed it back to me. I didn't know they put there phone numbers in my phone until they texted me. Louis had his under "LouBear", Harry had his under "HazzaBoo", Zayn had his under "Zayniepoo", Niall had his under "Nialler", and Liam's was under "LiLi".

*Text between Louis and me*

LouBear: Hey Babe

Me: How did you get my number?

LouBear: When you dropped your phone all five of us put our numbers in it and sent ourselves a text so we had your number

Me: Oh

LouBear: Yeah. Hey I have a question for you

Me: What is is Louis?

LouBear: Do you maybe want to come over to my house Friday so I can get to know you better?

Did Louis just ask me to go to his house? Oh well what do I got to lose?

Me: Sure Lou

LouBear: Awesome I will give you a ride to my house after school

Me: Ok

Did I just say yes to going to Louis Tomlinson's house? Oh I'm such an idiot 

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