Scarlett Raven

this is a story (obviously) about a fan fiction character that I have created. her names Scarlett Raven. it's mostly random years and stuff. she's Draco's girlfriend for most of her Hogwarts years. the other years they are simply friends. she's in slytherin and is ignored at home, and prays for Hogwarts not to be the same.


4. what everyone says about scarlett

What everyone says about Scarlett Raven

Scarlett: I’m awesome!

Pansy: freak.

Crabbe: um... well she’s okay.

Goyle: scares me, but kind of nice?

Hermione: study buddies!!!!

    Ron: Hermione’s twin sister.

Draco: she’s my friend, and she’s awesome. Enough said.

Harry: if only she was a griffindor...who am I kidding, she’s mean!

Neville: she’s nice to people who don’t get on her nerves.

Lavender brown: she talks to Ron...

Ginny: I don’t really know her

Fred: should’ve been in griffindor.

George: well, she’s cool for a slytherin! And she buys stuff at our joke shop!

Percy: rule breaker, cloak stealer, potions lover... slytherin...

Luna: she’s kind, but she doesn’t act normal. (I think she owns a dragon).


Trelawney: doesn’t take my subject! How dare she!

McGonagall: does decent in transfigure ology.

Snape: do I really have to say something?  (Dumbledore: yes...) she’s great at potions and grades papers nicely... should teach potions at Hogwarts when she grows up. I’m thinking about lending her my old potions book (now where did I put that?(potter!!!)).

Hagrid: does okay in school...

Dumbledore: she could work on not being so mean to muggle borns. Other than that she’s a great student.

Sprout: she’s not good with plants.


    Comments anyone???

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