Scarlett Raven

this is a story (obviously) about a fan fiction character that I have created. her names Scarlett Raven. it's mostly random years and stuff. she's Draco's girlfriend for most of her Hogwarts years. the other years they are simply friends. she's in slytherin and is ignored at home, and prays for Hogwarts not to be the same.


3. slow slytherins and draco getting punched

Chapter one: slow slytherins

Scarlett raced across the great hall, black and green robes flying out from behind her.  A long red and blonde braid streaked out from behind her.  Her shoes drummed against the floor as she flew passed the doors and into the main hall. She bounded up the great staircase and rushed up the many flights of stairs. She finally stopped, perching like a bat on the railing of the seventh floor. She smiled and looked down the middle of the spiraling stairs. Three other people in green robes were running up the stairs. She walked up the railing past a few gapping griffindors and leapt down onto the floor in front of the door into the library.  The other three slytherins got to the door two minutes after she had. Two were completely out of breath, the other gasping for air. “How do you expect to get through that obstacle course of professor Lupins quickly if you can’t even run?!” the skinniest of the three, the one that had been gasping for air narrowed his eyes. “Well, if I can get through the creatures easily enough, I think I can handle getting through quickly.” Scarlett stared at him. “Mr. Malfoy, will you please follow me to my office for your detention.” A voice said from behind the group. “Yes, sir professor Snape.” Draco hung his head as the other third years watched him follow professor Snape into the dungeons. Crabbe and goyle laughed their heads off for some odd reason. Scarlett mumbled “it was a race to show him how fast girls are; but it was pointless to mask the race with some stupid reason.” She walked into the library after telling Crabbe and goyle “shut some stupid reason.” She walked into the library after telling Crabbe and goyle “shut your mouths!”

Chapter two: Awe, did somebody punch you Draco?

  “-You filthy, evil, loathsome cockroach!” Hermione yelled as she punched Draco in the face. He raced away up into the bridge, Crabbe and goyle following. Scarlett Raven simply walked up the steps embarrassed that her friends where so cruel to Hermione. She shook her head annoyed. She found Draco and the other two standing in the middle of the bridge. She walked past them with out even looking at Draco. “What! You’re siding with granger!” Draco looked aghast. “No, I just simply though you would not need my sympathy; Anyways, if sympathy is what you desire, go to the brat pansy.” She walked past them without another word.  She walked into the dungeons and then to the slytherin common room. She made her way to the girls dormitory and sat on her bed. She stared at the stars on the ceiling that she had posted in her first year. Little did she know, that years from now, she would been staring at these same plastic stars and thinking to herself :  should I just kill Dumbledore for Draco? I could do it without a second thought, that’s my loyalty to my friend. But the only thing she was thinking now was that she wanted lunch. Typical. 

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