Scarlett Raven

this is a story (obviously) about a fan fiction character that I have created. her names Scarlett Raven. it's mostly random years and stuff. she's Draco's girlfriend for most of her Hogwarts years. the other years they are simply friends. she's in slytherin and is ignored at home, and prays for Hogwarts not to be the same.


5. Scarlett being sorted

The sorting. Scarlett didn't want to be sorted into hufflepuff, ravenclaw, or griffindor. So that left her one choice: slytherin. She walked up to the sorting hat, all the students watching her. Scarlett black robes brushed the ground as she sat on the stool and lifted the hat to her head. Her red and blonde hair thudded against her back in it's braid. " hmm, cunnung resourceful, unwilling to be nice, runs to save themself instead of being brave and saving others, not funny, smart in a ambitous way, not in ravenclaw, or griffindor. Wouldn't do well in hufflepuff, but-" the sorting hat thought " can't you just put me in slytherin and be done with it?" scarlett thought aggrevated. " fine." "great" The sorting har yelled out, " SLYTHERIN!!!!!!" Scarlett went to join the other slytherins. She sat down next to a boy with bright blonde hair. She was going to like being at hogwarts. She just knew it.
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