Scarlett Raven

this is a story (obviously) about a fan fiction character that I have created. her names Scarlett Raven. it's mostly random years and stuff. she's Draco's girlfriend for most of her Hogwarts years. the other years they are simply friends. she's in slytherin and is ignored at home, and prays for Hogwarts not to be the same.


2. Draco's Deleima

Scarlett stood in diagon alley. She watched as Astoria and Draco started yelling at each other. Scarlett, now 23 years of age, traced a scar that ran over her eye. “Scarlett Malfoy could have been my name, but now I am still a raven.” Sadly she watched with her grey eyes as Draco shouted at Astoria, “she was a friend at Hogwarts during my younger years! I am not cheating on you! I talk to her when I see her, and that’s only to ask how she’s doing!” Astoria shouted back “me or her?!?!?” Draco whispered “her.”

Scarlett knew who he meant. And the only word that rose from Scarlett's mouth: “crap.”

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