Normal Girls Meet UnNormal Guys

Two best friends at a Hollywood after party is a dream come true for two boys from two different bands. But will it be a dream come true for them. . . Or will they wish it never happened
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7. Where have you been???

Paige's POV:

I couldn't believe what had happened to me! I mean I have dreamed about us like that before just not him forcing me and being drunk all together. I wish I had never decided to let him take me home with him while he was drunk I mean I knew better than to go any where with someone that was drunk but something about those dark hazel eyes that pulled me towards him. It was late now and I knew I should go home but I don't dare go up stairs incase he's up there waiting to get me. All of the sudden I hear foot steps on the stairs and I automatically squeeze into a ball just incase he has come back for more. Then I felt a hand on my back and a soft gentle whisper that sounded like Ryland's so I looked up and there Ryland was on his knees beside me trying to comfort me. I ended up smacking him "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME HERE WHEN YOU KNEW WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO TO ME?!?!?!?!" I was crying at the same time while I yelled at him some more. Before he could say anything else I wrapped him in a hug and whispered in his ear to take me home, he picked me up bridal style and put me in his car, while he was taking me home I ended up falling asleep on the way to my house after Ryland put my address into the GPS so he wouldn't get lost.

~~~~~~While half asleep~~~~~~

I kept dozing off and on. Last time I was almost awake I saw Ryland carrying me through the door to mine and Elaine's apartment. I heard Elaine yelling at Ryland saying "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER!!!???" and Ryland said "It's not my place to tell you, once Paige wakes up she can tell you if she wants to." "I swear if you hurt her in anyway you are dead to me" I heard Elaine say to him. "I'm........" that's all I heard Ryland say before he put me on my bed and I fell asleep again.

~~~~~~The next day~~~~~~

I had a splitting head-ach and what felt like a crushed pelvis. I didn't want to move at all!!! I opened my eyes slowly knowing the sun was up and not wanting the head-ach to hurt any more, as I opened my eyes I started to feel something on my leg like pressure you'd feel when a cat lays on you, but I knew it wasn't a cat. We didn't have any animals so I opened my eyes and there was a head laying on my leg. I instantly recognized that it was Ryland. So I poked him in the head. "Hey wake up." I told him, he didn't budge so I pushed him off. After he hit the floor he finally got up and said to me "Glade to see your awake." "What are you doing here?" "I told Elaine I wasn't going to leave you until you woke up because I wanted to make sure you were ok." He said that and for some reason I had a hard time believing him, I think it had something to do with oh I don't know, HE LEFT ME ALONE WITH A DRUNK RIKER!!!!!!! I mean yeah he tried to get me out but as soon as he heard him he left me and ran! Then before I could tell him to get out Elaine came barging in through the door with Harry right behind her. I knew I was going to be questioned but right now I didn't care all I know is that I am glad she came in when she did!

Elaine's POV:

"Ok Ryland I think it's time that you were on your way, now that Paige has woken up." "First I need to know Paige if your ok?" he asked her, "Actually....NO I'm not now will you PLEASE GO." I was shocked just mostly because she was acting this way to a family member, little brother, of the guy she was head over heels for. Now I am just more curious about what happened to her. "Harry could you show Ryland to the door and give me and Paige a minute please?" "Yeah sure thing" Harry said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Paige what happened??????" I asked half screamed at her. "I don't know Elaine, first he has taking me to his place from the party then the lights went out then I found myself in a basement then....." "Wait did Ryland hurt you?" I asked her while there was a waterfall of tears coming out of her mascara streaked eyes and at the same time Fiery was coming out of mine. "Yes and no but it's not entirely his fault." "Ok I'll take that as yes but not for all the pain you have, now who caused you to be in pain this much? Was it Riker?" she hesitated long enough for me to know. "What did he do to you???" "He.....he.... he raped me." she finally said and as soon as the words left her mouth she broke down and sobbed the rest of the day just laying there while I hugged and tried to sooth her. Harry came in a few times to see if we needed anything but I told him just to bring a box of tissues and a few water bottles for Paige. After about 2 hours she fell back asleep and I uncurled myself from her so she had the whole bed to herself. I went into the living room with Harry and sat down leaning on him. He picked my legs up and put them over is lap so he could wrap me in a hug and I just sat there with him and cried for a while. After I got done I said to him "I never wanted her to be treated like this, I never wanted her to go through this." "What do you mean?" "She was rapped Harry, she had her purity brutally took from her and she can never get it back, I... I never wanted her to know how that felt and by someone she trusted. It's just... just wrong for a person to know that you trust them so much then to have them rip your heart out by doing something like that, it's just horrible!" "Elaine did something happen to you when you were younger?" "Yes but that can be saved for another time right now we need to focus on Paige, she's going to need me. Now more than ever." "She's lucky to have you." "Harry listen I understand if you don't want to be here with me now that I have to take care of my friend, I just don't think I can give you what you want while still caring for her and....." he put a finger to my lips to stop me before I could go on "The only place I'd want to be at this moment is right here with you and your friend, so if  you need me to help you take care of her I'll stay as long as I can and as long as you will allow me." he told me with a smile. At that moment I smiled at him and put my arms around his neck and pulled him in for me to kiss him on the lips. He pushed me down on the couch and we just laid there hugging and kissing until we heard Paige wake up and immediately I was at her side.

Harry's POV:

I know I won't be able to stay long at the most I can only stay until next week because the guys and I are still on tour, but I will come back every chance I get to come and see Elaine. I got up from the couch and walked over to the girls. "Paige is there something you want me to get you?" I asked her so she knew I was here to help and not steal Elaine from her. She smiled and said "Could you get me some more water please?" she asked me and I could hear she was in pain as she walked, she must still be sore from what happened. I ran to the kitchen and got her a bottle of water and found some Ibuprofen in the drawer so I took two tablets in my hand and the bottle and went back to the living room to find them both on the couch sitting I held out the bottle of water and the Ibuprofen "Here I thought you may need these to for the pain" she smiled and nodded to let me know she was glad I did. Just then I got a phone call from Louis "Hey man where are you? Simon wants to see us at the studio." Louis said "Can you guys just fill me in later?" I said as I held up a finger to tell Elaine that I'd be a minute and walked down the hall towards the bedrooms and bathroom. "Is something wrong Harry you seem distracted?" "No I'm fine but I'm helping Elaine take care of her roommate/best friend" "Is she going to get you sick mate? 'Cause if she is you better leave because you don't need to get sick with the tour still going on." "No she's not going to get me sick, it's just something happened to her and it's really bad. I shouldn't say what it is because it did and still could hurt her and others" "Is it going to hurt you?" "No it's between her and someone else, but I shouldn't even be talking about it. Look can you just cover for me with the boys and Simon and fill me in later?" "Yeah mate sure just promise me you'll be fine?" "I promise now I better get back to Elaine" "Ok bye" "Bye" I got back to the living room and Elaine was with Paige on the couch still but Paige was laying down with her head in Elaine's lap and looked to be back asleep. "You know we should take her to the doctor" I suggested "I know I told her we should but she insisted that we don't, I think she's trying to protect Riker's image" she said the last part in a low voice hoping that if Paige was still awake she may not hear. We ended up just sitting there talking then I got up and put a movie in and got some popcorn and came back and sat on the other side of Elaine and we watched a movie while Paige was still asleep. Then us to also fell asleep.

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