Normal Girls Meet UnNormal Guys

Two best friends at a Hollywood after party is a dream come true for two boys from two different bands. But will it be a dream come true for them. . . Or will they wish it never happened
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2. The concert

Paige's POV:

I had just started putting on my black dress with the crisscross straps in the back and in the front right above my bust, it's elegant but sexy all at the same time. I remember when me and Elaine went shopping at the mall in between our colleges for some new clothes and I absolutely fell head over heels for it! Just when I was thinking I really need Elaine home to zip me up she came walking in the door and said "Finally I am done with exams and I can finally go to sleep!" so I came out of the bathroom with my tooth brush in my mouth and holding up my dress so it wouldn't fall, I turned around right in front of her so she would zip me up. "Where are you going tonight, looking like a sexy beast?" she asked me, as I was washing my mouth out in the kitchen sink and ran off to the bathroom again to put my make-up on "I'm going to a concert tonight and our favorite bands are going to be there!" I squealed at her. "Come on Elaine! You have to come!!!" "You know I would love to but I'm really tired and plus One Direction is having a concert next week only 200 miles from here." I knew what she was doing but I also knew she hates going to concerts because of what happened last time, even thinking about it sends shivers up my back. "Fine but don't forget that we are having a movie night, tonight after I get back ok." I told her "Yeah, Yeah I got it we will watch the Note book for the 100billionth time in a row." she said with a little sarcasm in her voice. "It hasn't been 100billonth its been like 45 at least!" I said while laughing because actually it's been like maybe 79 but still not 100billonth. "Ok I'm off see you when I get home ok." I was walking to the door "Ok be careful and if you need me call me ok Love you." she yelled as I closed the door and before I even took 1 step I realized I forgot my purse. "Forgot my purse.... I will be careful, I promise, Love you to sis."

As I drove to the concert I was getting my ticket I bought earlier out of my purse and got ready to go inside. I have a friend that works in the stadium as the speaker manager so he was able to put my name on the first to enter list. I was so excited I would finally get to sit in the first row right next to the stage and get close to my favorite band R5 but more importantly I got to get closer to Riker!!!! Maybe he would notice me and smile at me or something. I mean hey a girl can dream can't she! after I got there I gave the body guard my name and he let me right in so I could get to my seat. I got the seat close to the middle but not exactly in the middle off to the right a little from it. After about 2 hours the place was packed and I had screaming girls all around me even though none of the bands had came out yet. Soon thought the first act came out it was One Direction, so begin to the good friend I am I took a video on my phone of the boys singing Elaine's favorite song by them "Little Things". Soon after Olly Murs got done with his song "Troublemaker" R5 finally came out and started there first song! After about an hour of their songs they finally started singing my favorite song "Want You Bad" and I could tell it was their last song of the night. Then as I started dancing a little in my tiny spot, I couldn't believe what I was seeing RIKER WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!!!!!! After they got done with their song Riker looked my way again and put his pointer finger up signaling for me to wait a minute, I just nodded and smiled. After almost everyone had left he came out on the stage quietly and put his hand out for me to take, I did and he pulled me up on stage, I looked out to the empty chairs and couldn't believe I was actually on a stage, it had been a long time since I'd been on a stage. Then Riker stated talking so I turned around. "So what's your name" he asked with a smile "Paige Martin and you must be Riker?" I asked so he knew I knew who he was but I didn't want to seem to giddy. " Yep that's me Riker Lynch, so Paige I was wondering..... me and everyone else are going to an after party, would you like to come with me?" "Sure, hey is One Direction gonna' be there?" "Yeah why?" "My best friend loves them, do you think I could call her and she could come to, please?" "Sure just tell her we'll pick her up, if that's ok with you?" "Yeah that'd be great." as soon as I said that I pulled out my phone and called Elaine. "Hey I got great news!"

Elaine's POV:

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing and I knew exactly who it was from the ringtone I had set for Paige "Answer the Damn phone! Your best friend is calling! She'll be pissed if you don't answer! Answer ALL READY!!!!" it kept ringing like that for a minute before I picked it up and answered it. "What do you want?" I answered not even knowing what she said before. "You need to get dressed up for tonight ok just get dressed up for a party and I'll explain everything after we come get you ok" "Wait who is we???" "Me and my new friend I made tonight.... just get ready please? You won't regret this I promise." "I highly doubt that but ok I'll be ready in 10 to 15 minutes" "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!" I heard her say through the phone so I closed my phone got up and went to my closet. I pulled out my favorite pair of boot cut dark blue jeans that hugged my thighs but made my legs look absolutely stunning, with them I pulled out my black blouse that had 2 straps in the back the crossed each other over the top of my spine and on the front it looks like it has sequence but it doesn't, and with that I let my hair down and parted it from a little off to the right off my head and put maskcara and lip stain on, put my black boots on and grab my purse, cell phone, and chap stick and I'm ready to go. As soon as I stepped outside I got my jacket really quick. Just then I got a txt from Paige saying "We're here come on! We are parked just down the front steps of the building." "Ok be right there." I texted back quickly. Once I stepped off the stairs I was completely shocked! What did Paige do steal a Yellow Jeep???? Paige opened the door and came out telling me in her own way to hurry up "Hurry up Bitch!" she said it with a smile like always, so I flipped her off signaling fuck you to her with a smile as well! I ran a little to get up to her, got back inside the back seat of the Jeep and I came in right after her. As soon as I closed my door and looked up I was even more SHOCKED to see the whole R5 band staring back at me. I turned back to Paige wide-eyed and mouthed "HOW THE HECK DID YOU PULL THIS OFF????" she just smiled and said she'd explain later, I still couldn't believe it though we were riding in R5's personal Yellow Jeep with Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ratliff, and Paige's favorite Riker Lynch, who was also sitting next to Paige. Hmmmm interesting.

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