Normal Girls Meet UnNormal Guys

Two best friends at a Hollywood after party is a dream come true for two boys from two different bands. But will it be a dream come true for them. . . Or will they wish it never happened
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6. More a like than Usual

Paige's POV:

I sat in the basement... alone, frightened, I didn't even know who's basement I was in. I tried to stand up but then realized I was chained to the floor. Shit! I suddenly heard footsteps coming downstairs... getting closer to me. I closed my eyes not wanting to see who it was. In my closed eyes it got brighter. Someone turned on the lights! I thought. I held my breath when I felt someone move my hair behind my ear. "Hey" they said whispering. "Open your eyes... I won't hurt you... I promise." They had a soft, calming voice. I slowly opened my eyes. "Ryland?!" I asked surprised. "Yeah. Ok listen to me I'm going to try to get you out of here." He whispered quickly "Wait.. what.. what's going on?" I whispered back. Suddenly more footsteps came back from upstairs. They sounded angry and in a rush. Ryland quickly got up and started to run up the stairs. "Ryland?" I yelled. Shit!!! I probably shouldn't have done that. I sunk back into the corner I was in. I closed my eyes. I want to get away. What did I even do to be here. I'm frightened. Wait.. no I'm not.. I'M FUCKING SCARED SHITLESS!! I felt someone moving the rope connected to my feet. I gasped when I felt their hand run up my thigh. I heard a slight chuckle. "Open your eyes." he said. I knew that voice from anywhere... Ricker Anthony Lynch... I kept my eyes glued shut. "Open your damn eyes!!" he yelled at me. I opened my eyes quickly. My brown eyes met with his usually bright hazel ones, but now his eyes were dark and full of lust. Riker stood up and took his shirt off. Oh no what's he gonna' do? I scooted back a little - trying to go unnoticed by Riker. "DON'T move away from me!!" he yelled at me. He grabbed my foot and yanked me forward. When my arms snapped from their rope behind my hand I yelled loudly. "SHUT UP!" I immediately shut my mouth. I was slightly whimpering. Riker's giant hand came in contact with my cheek. I screamed, as a reward I got slapped again. Riker grabbed my face and looked me all around. He dropped my face and stood up. He unbuckled his pants. I started to cry lightly as he pulled them down. He sat down on his knees in front of me. He reached to my dress and started to pull it up. I lifted my knee up and kneed him right in his crotch. His hands automatically cupped his crotch. He looked at me and said "Now your gonna' answer everything I fucking say you hear me!!" I didn't answer him. This caused him to lift up my dress to reveal my underwear. He leaned over me and pinned me down. "Where are you from?" I didn't answer. I was to scared. He pulled down my underwear and grabbed his length from his boxers. He put it at my entrance. "Where are you from!?" He yelled at my again. He started to push a little bit, still not entering. "Colorado, I'm from Colorado!" I screamed at him. He nodded slightly then forcefully thrusted himself into me. I screamed and cried. "Where do you work?" I kept crying harder and harder. "Where the FUCK do you work!?" He yelled while still thrusting into me, harder and faster. All I could do was cry... it was all I could do. He thrusted harder on last time. "At the bakery down the street from my apartment." I said quietly as he pulled out of me. "Ok... I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8p.m. We'll have some more fun then." He said as he put his clothes back on. I watched him walk back upstairs. When he was gone I coward back in the corner as far as I could. My thighs were so sore. I cried and cried because there was nothing I could do about it.

I... had just lost my... virginity to Ricker Lynch.


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