Normal Girls Meet UnNormal Guys

Two best friends at a Hollywood after party is a dream come true for two boys from two different bands. But will it be a dream come true for them. . . Or will they wish it never happened
****And Please No Copy Right******


1. How it all began


I was just getting done with my final college exam and then next week I would graduate! My best friend Paige and I are like sisters, even though we go to different colleges. You see even though we are alike we are also different. The biggest difference though are that bands we like and who we like in them. She likes R5 and I like One Direction, and she likes Riker Lynch and I like Harry Styles. Plus she goes to all the concerts and I am always to busy with school or other things.



Elaine's POV:

"Finally I am done with exams and I can finally go to sleep!" I yelled to Paige as soon as I walked in the door to our apartment. Our colleges are  only about 20 miles form each other so we decided to split the cost and get an apartment together so we still got to see each other. Paige walked into the living room where I was with her tooth brush in her mouth and putting on a sexy dress asking me to zip it up for her. "Where are you going tonight, looking like a sexy beast?" I asked her as she washed out her mouth in the kitchen sink and running off to the bathroom. "I'm going to a concert tonight and our favorite bands are going to be there!" Paige said in her happy squeaky voice, "Come on Elaine! You have to come!!!" she said from the bathroom. "You know I would love to but I'm really tired and plus One Direction is having a concert next week only 200 miles from here." I said trying not to make her to sad that I wasn't coming. "Fine but don't forget that we are having a movie night, tonight after I get back ok." she told me, "Yeah, Yeah I got it we will watch the notebook for the 100billionth time in a row." "It hasn't been 100billionth its been like 45 at least!" she said as she laughed out loud. "Ok well I'm off I'll see you when I get home ok" she smiled on her way to the door, "Ok be careful and if you need me call me ok Love you." I yelled as she closed the door. She reopened it fast "Forgot my purse.... I will be careful, I promise, and love you to sis."

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