Normal Girls Meet UnNormal Guys

Two best friends at a Hollywood after party is a dream come true for two boys from two different bands. But will it be a dream come true for them. . . Or will they wish it never happened
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4. Get to know you

Harry's POV:

After we got to the coffee shop and I got my tea and Elaine got her coffee. We got back in the car and I was trying to find a place where we could talk and no one would interrupt us especially the paparazzi. I wouldn't want to put her through that drama. We past several playgrounds but I still didn't think they were good ideas. So I finally asked her "Do you know somewhere were we could go and be alone to talk?" she looked at me confused and then remembered what I had said back at the party and smiled. She started looking around as what looked like a thinking face and in my opinion I love the way she puckered her lips together and swung them from either side and go straight while she is thinking. "Well if my best friend is going to be gone for a while like I bet she is than you can come to our place. It's not to far from here." she told me with a smile on her face, "Ok tell me where to go." after she did, it only took me about 10 minutes to get to their apartment. As we got up the stairs to the third floor she stopped at her door which had a shiny gold colored 36 on it, after she unlocked the door we walked in and hung our coats up in the hall by the door.

Elaine's POV:

After we got back to mine and Paige's apartment, we took off our coats and walked into the living room and sat on the couch. My coffee was done so I got up and went to the kitchen to through it away and got a bottle of water. "So when is your best friend supposed to be home?" Harry asked me, "I don't know actually, Paige is a party animal so maybe not until later." "Ok, so how about you tell me about your interesting last name Miss Snowdrop?" he said with a smile and a wink. "Well, I don't really know why my last name is snowdrop, but I know that it is a flower, and it is my birth flower to." "Birth flower???" "Yeah every month of the year has a flower to it and since I was born in January, my birth flower is a snowdrop." "Cool!" "Ok my turn, tell me about your self Mister Styles." I said with a wink. "Well lets see.... my middle name is Edward, I was born in February, I'm in the band One Direction...... and the rest you probably know from there." "Yes and no, I know a little bit about you but not everything." "Hm, well tell me about yourself?" "My middle name is Thelma after my grandmother, I'm just out of college so I'm 23 years old, I want to be an Architect so my degree is in drafting and design." "Sweet, no wonder this place looks so nice." he said with a smile, we talked for about 4 hours playing 20 questions, just to get to know each other more and more, and I really liked it. It was already 12 at night and Paige still hadn't came home yet so I tried calling her and no answer, I'm guessing she fell asleep at the hotel. "Something wrong?" Harry asked me seeing the look of worry on my face, "No, just hoping that Paige is ok, that's all." "Do you want me to stay with you until she get back?" "Sure, if you don't mind that is?" "No I don't have a concert until next week so I can stay tonight." We ended up watching "Bambi" to try and stay awake but I think I was the first one out.

Harry's POV:

Since it was 12 at night and Paige hadn't got back and I was zapped, I asked Elaine if she wanted me to stay with her until Paige got back, she said sure so I stayed. I'm glad I did to, because we started watching "Bambi" and we were on the couch. I had one leg down on the floor and the other put up and bent under my other leg on the couch, she was sitting next to me and then she ended up falling asleep and so did I.

~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up and felt something on my chest, I look down and there was the most beautiful girl laying on my chest asleep! She started to move so I fast shut my eyes and pretended I was still asleep. She didn't wake, just curled into a ball, then I heard her start talking in her sleep. "No...Please don't.....I wont tell anyone just stop please!" I heard her mumble in a panic tone. I moved a little and put one of my arms around her and put one of my hands up to her face, instantly she woke up at my touch and started gasping for air. When she had seen me she started to relax a bit and put her head on my shoulder, I didn't say anything just laid there with her and rubbed her back and arms to let her know I was here for her if she wanted to talk about it. When she was relaxed enough she sat upright and looked at me and smiled as she wiped her wet eyes, all I could think was why were these bad memories haunting her and what could be so bad about them. "I'm gonna' go take a shower, I'll be out in a few minutes." "Ok, what would you like for breakfast?" "You don't have to get me anything Harry." "I'm not going to go out and get it, I'm going to cook, so what would you like?" "Surprise me, but when I get out I'm helping you ok." she said with a smile all I could do was nod. As she went to the bathroom down the hall I made my way to the kitchen and got busy cooking bacon, eggs, toast, and pulled out cereal incase she wanted that to. Everything smelt great and then something smelt like vanilla, I looked up and saw Elaine wearing shorts, old t-shirt and her hair was up in a towel, she was standing in the doorway waiting for me to look up and see her. All I could think though was how beautiful she looked and wishing that she could be mine.

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