Normal Girls Meet UnNormal Guys

Two best friends at a Hollywood after party is a dream come true for two boys from two different bands. But will it be a dream come true for them. . . Or will they wish it never happened
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5. Breakfast

Elaine's POV:

I went to the bathroom to take a shower after I woke up from that horrible nightmare, but more importantly that I woke up to a handsome Harry Styles looking at me. I wanted to melt in his arms as soon as I woke up but I knew I had to get up, sadly. While I was in the shower I smelt the wonderful smell of breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Toast, but it was missing something and it hit me PANCAKES/WAFFLES!!!!! I can eat either so which ever one he likes I'll make them so that way he doesn't make the whole breakfast by himself. Before I went to the kitchen I went to mine and Paige's room and pulled on my shorts that come just to right above my knee, old short-sleeve t-shirt, and put my hair up in a towel. Then I went to the kitchen and seen Harry there cooking bacon and eggs, so I stayed in the doorway leaning against the doorframe waiting to see if he would see me. After about 2 minutes he looked up and seen me, he had a smile on his face as he looked at me. "Hey you ready for breakfast?" Harry asked me, "Yeah I'm starving! Oh and if we have room after we eat this, it's my turn to make something." "Ok I'm good with that." After about 20 minutes we had got done eating and my towel was falling off my head, so I told Harry to step back since I had stood up, and as soon as he was clear I flung my head over and the towel swung to the front of me and I started to towel dry the rest of my hair. When I looked up I seen Harry with the biggest smile on his face. "Why are you smiling so much this morning?" "Oh nothing." he said with a smile and a shrug "You know when people tell me 'Nothing' I look at them and say 'It's never nothing, it's always something. If it were nothing than it would be non-existent.'" "Well if you must know I'm smiling so much because I spent the night with the most beautiful girl on earth and I love how you smell like Vanilla." he smiled as soon as he seen me blush. So I turned around and picked up our plates and put them in the sink and said "I think I'll save what I was going to make for another time." I said it with a smile still on my face. I was just going through the door to the hallway so I could go brush my hair, and all of the sudden Harry pulls me into him by my right hand and he kisses me. It felt like fireworks exploding all over my body and a tingly sensation was forming goose bumps all over to. When we finally let go all I could do was look up at him and smile, after he let go of my hand I gave him a peck on the cheek and walked to the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. I couldn't believe it though. I had KISSED Harry Styles!!!!!!

Paige's POV:

All I could see as I was drifting in and out of consciousness was even more darkness. All I could see every 3 minutes was a flash of light, like I was traveling on a road, and I heard cars pass us by. I didn't know where I was but I knew I had to call Elaine and let her know some how. The worst part was thinking if I will live or die not even..... before I could think anymore I blacked out again.

Harry's  POV:

I KISSED her and she didn't run!!! I can't believe I actually did that, but I couldn't stop myself, and then when she kissed me back on the cheek it felt like fireworks exploding inside of me and my heart started pounding fast. I was afraid she might hear it beating as I pulled her in. After she went to the bathroom to brush her hair, I'm guessing, I got a call from Louis. "Man where are you??? The boys and I couldn't find you anywhere at the party." he told me "Sorry Lou, I kind of met a girl last night but anyway what's up?" I asked him playing it cool. "Well you need to tell me about this girl, number one and number two Simon has been calling ask us where we've been." "Why aren't we on a break until next week?" "Yeah but he still likes to know where we are." At that moment I spotted Elaine coming out of the bathroom. "Hey Lou can I call you back in a few?" "Sure Harry but you still need to tell me about this girl of yours." "Ok I will bye." I said as I hung up the phone. "Hey Elaine, question for you. How would you feel about meeting the rest of the boys?" "You mean the rest of One Direction?" "Yeah" "Sure just give me a few minutes to get ready, ok" she said with a smile. "Ok, let me call Lou back and tell him." "Hey Lou, it's me again." "Good now tell me about this girl Harry." "Would it be better if I let you meet her yourself?" "Sure where do you guys want to meet us up at?" "How about the amusement park." "Ok see you there in 20, bye." "Bye."

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