The Twin * Harry Potter Fanfiction *

Rose Potter is a twin. A twin to a boy who has no idea she existed. No parents and an uncle who uses her as a maid is not the life she dreames of. Harry and Rose have no idea about the wizarding world even though they are a big part of it. How will there adventures at hog warts go can love and family really concour all.


4. Chapter 3

     Harry's pov

   I woke up to the shouting and stomping of Dudley. " I can hear the birds chirping this is going to be a great day!" I thought sarcastically to myself. 

  " BUT I WANT PANCAKES NOW!!" Shouted Dudley 

    " GET DOWN HERE BOY!" Yelled uncle Vernon

    When I walked into the kitchen I was shot glares from Dudley , uncle Vernon , and aunt petunia . I started making pancakes when a small owl flew past the window, and dropped something by the door and flew away...




sorry it's short my sister stole my papers and I have to rewrite the story... Give me feedback please I need it or I won't get any better!

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