The Twin * Harry Potter Fanfiction *

Rose Potter is a twin. A twin to a boy who has no idea she existed. No parents and an uncle who uses her as a maid is not the life she dreames of. Harry and Rose have no idea about the wizarding world even though they are a big part of it. How will there adventures at hog warts go can love and family really concour all.


2. Chapter 2

Narrators P.O.V

   Whilst Rose was wondering about her twin ,Harry, had no clue about his worrisome sister. In fact Harry thought he had no family other than the dreadful Dursleys. Though they both had no idea they were magical.

     They both look a lot alike from the scar on there forehead, to the bright green eyes. Harry's hair was messy although Rose's hair was long , sleek , and shiny. 

          Rosie's P.O.V

        " ROSE" shouted uncle Liam 

"Get up here and make breakfast for me!" 

    I had tried to escape last night so I was locked in the basement. My back cracked as I got up and stretched. Man, was I SORE!

     "Get down HERE!" Yelled uncle Liam once again interrupting my thoughts.


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