The Twin * Harry Potter Fanfiction *

Rose Potter is a twin. A twin to a boy who has no idea she existed. No parents and an uncle who uses her as a maid is not the life she dreames of. Harry and Rose have no idea about the wizarding world even though they are a big part of it. How will there adventures at hog warts go can love and family really concour all.


1. Chapter 1 the beginning

Rose's P.O.V

           Hi, My name is Rose I am 11 years old, and I am Harry Potters twin sister. He got shipped off to live with the Dursleys; our aunt , uncle, and cousin. I have been living with our Dads brother. 
     His name is Liam Hughy Potter he was never married and nobody speaks about him. Harry doesn't even know of our existence. I am Liam's personal maid. If there is a mess I clean it up ; if it takes to long I am locked up in a dark basement ( no meals) until he needs me again. 

      I wonder if they treat Harry right. To be honest I highly doubt it. Although we can hope can't we. Without  hope there wold no happiness in the world, no light!

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