Hidden Notes

Lydia is a new girl in school who seems to be quite confused with everything going around her. She soon meet five boys who help her throughout the year,

Harry- Badass of the school
Liam - Smart, Sweet boy
Louis - Class clown
Zayn - Outgoing friendly boy
Niall- Shy bullied boy.

She soon get feelings for a few of the boys and knows... she can't she just..can't get tangled up in this mess. Unless of course, she can give love a shot? But, question she should be asking is.. who? Her written notes fill her scars hiding in her hearts desire cold and wounded, batted and broken, lays a heart that is upspoken. She helps the boys become friends and shes with them all the moment helping them win the x-factor. But when they go on tours after becoming famous they leave her behind and stop talking. She looses contact with them and looses her life. She struggles to live in the world anymore. Can she make it without them? Or will maybe just a tweet refresh the memory of the 5 boys?


5. 5

Lydia's POV

This would be our last class and I wanted to skip it. This girl with pretty dirty blonde hair walked into the bathroom looking like she just finished crying. I looked silently and she wiped the smeared make up off her face. She looked at me softly as I could now see her puffy red eyes and the limp in her step as she came to sit down by me. I looked at her and smiled confused at what happened. I didn't ask though it would just be rude.

"haven't seen you around here, who are you"? She questioned.

"I'm Lydia and you are"?

"Georgia... Oh yea i have heard of you your friends with Niall... Right?"

"I guess were friends" I questioned myself with that. But, she nodded and we talked all period at the end of the day we walked to our lockers together and i found out that she was right across from me. Niall wasn't at his locker and i thought he may have went home already or something. Me and Georgia went outside and i almost forgot about the note. I told her everything that happened and she looked at me worridly, she wanted to come with but, i told her to wait at the speedway across from the school. I walked to the big tree and sat. And sat. And sat. Buses were still loading and driving off soon all the people were gone and all the buses were as well. I looked at Georgia she looked at me confused. Until i looked toward the doors.... He walked out looking straight at me... What did he want?

Georgia's POV

I waited for Lydia to be finished with this note thing. I was scared for her, I mean.. Nervous. Who would ask to meet by the big tree? Nobody has been there since the accident... That made me rethink this whole thing. Reprocess what she had told me, that second I had known who did this... I only got a chance to look at her worriedly before he stood in front of her. I watched as they talked quietly and it was quite obvious she couldn't stand being 2 feet away from him. He was very intimidating, I looked around and saw someone quickly hide their head behind the wall. Why were they watching? Did they have something to do with this?

Niall's POV

I found Lydia! But, She was walking with a girl and made her wait... while she sat at the... TREE?! I watched a while and saw..... he walked up to her, they started talking... she didn't looked pleased at his preasence or words. I watched longer until the other girl looked directly at me, I hid but she deffenitly saw me. I looked back, she was watching me with a confused expression. Oh Great. This will be just Dandy! I walked over there and saw Lydia's eyes land on me, as well with a tight fisted glare from him.

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