Hidden Notes

Lydia is a new girl in school who seems to be quite confused with everything going around her. She soon meet five boys who help her throughout the year,

Harry- Badass of the school
Liam - Smart, Sweet boy
Louis - Class clown
Zayn - Outgoing friendly boy
Niall- Shy bullied boy.

She soon get feelings for a few of the boys and knows... she can't she just..can't get tangled up in this mess. Unless of course, she can give love a shot? But, question she should be asking is.. who? Her written notes fill her scars hiding in her hearts desire cold and wounded, batted and broken, lays a heart that is upspoken. She helps the boys become friends and shes with them all the moment helping them win the x-factor. But when they go on tours after becoming famous they leave her behind and stop talking. She looses contact with them and looses her life. She struggles to live in the world anymore. Can she make it without them? Or will maybe just a tweet refresh the memory of the 5 boys?


4. 4

Lydia's POV

I didn't know what to think of myself... Im a girl sitting in a bathroom alone thinking about how brave Niall is. I was so confused but, I was ripped from my thoughts when the bell rang and I watched as shadows of the people walked back and forth through the halls, almost sluggish. I stood up deciding I wouldn't sit there like a bump on a log all day. I ran to my locker through all the crowded students trying not to make eye contact once again. As soon as I arrived at my locker I had jammed it so I could open it easily. I grabbed my books and ran to my nest class not moving for anyone.


Class was quite boring, we sat and listened to a teacher talk about math. I finished my whole drawing during that class... And that includes all details. I slugged to my locker not feeling like I wanted to run right now. When I got there, a note was placed inside the vent at the top. I pulled it down and opened it,

Dear Lydia,

Meet me at the big tree at the end of the day. See you soon.


That was is. No name, initial, nothing. I was quite confused, but I decided to meet him anyway. I still had 3 classes to be at before that could happen though. This time I wanted to skip class so I locked myself in a stall and sat drawing another picture for a half an hour or so before becoming bored. I looked at myself in the mirror and fixed my hair looking through my folder for anything to do, the the bell rang.

Niall's POV

Lydia had helped me out. I was glad that she did, She was so innocent and.. just.. so fragile. She looked so innocent. It broke my heart to think that harry could have done that to her if I didn't let him punch me. I looked around and I couldn't find her she dissappered, I just thought that I missed her.  I walked to my next class, I sat down and the boy next to me whispered things... I didn't want to hear, and sadly it was about Lydia...



Omg Thanks Angiee! Yeap guys follow her shes the best! Shes sooo AMAZAYNN!! But thanks again!! credit: Angie did the cover! I can't my computer doesnt work so covers are hard for me but EVERYONE say thanks to angiee!! and if not do me a favor and follow her, maybe read her books too! they are PhinomiNIALL!!


Gracie *xx-

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