Hidden Notes

Lydia is a new girl in school who seems to be quite confused with everything going around her. She soon meet five boys who help her throughout the year,

Harry- Badass of the school
Liam - Smart, Sweet boy
Louis - Class clown
Zayn - Outgoing friendly boy
Niall- Shy bullied boy.

She soon get feelings for a few of the boys and knows... she can't she just..can't get tangled up in this mess. Unless of course, she can give love a shot? But, question she should be asking is.. who? Her written notes fill her scars hiding in her hearts desire cold and wounded, batted and broken, lays a heart that is upspoken. She helps the boys become friends and shes with them all the moment helping them win the x-factor. But when they go on tours after becoming famous they leave her behind and stop talking. She looses contact with them and looses her life. She struggles to live in the world anymore. Can she make it without them? Or will maybe just a tweet refresh the memory of the 5 boys?


3. 3

Lydia's POV

I watched as he came a bit closer... I grabbed Niall's arm and yanked him running away from those boys. We ran down the halls until we couldn't hear voices. I ran into the janitors closet and he looked at me crazy.


"What was that all about" I asked panting from all the running.


"They're bullies, I didn't want them doing what they usually do to girls so I told them to hurt me instead"


"What do they usually do?"


"Not going to talk about it now my jaw hurts" He complained, I grabbed his jaw and examined it turning on the light. I looked closely and it was bleeding inside and out. I murmered how gross it was to myself and I pulled him up.


"We are going to the nurse" I pointed out his face grabbing his hand and intertwining our fingers. It was obvious he had never done this before and he was sweating like a dog on a hot summer day. I chuckled a bit and he blushed.


We started walking down towards the nurse and we ran into curly.... "Where do you think your going" He questioned. "To the Nurse! Now if you don't mind" I stated pushing through. I rushed him into the nurses office wishing him the best and leaving back to sit in the bathroom the rest of the classes. I sat down sliding on the wall of the bathroom. I started to think about how that kid let me brush through... I was deciding if i should leave him to bully or have him become my friend and change his actions. Yes That's a good Idea! I will become his friend! poor Kid, He always gets bully.


People can't just bully them. That's not cute. I'm such a loner like who the fuck sits in the bathroom by themselves!? Apparently this girl does. One Day Niall will be a role model to people! And that day I will be standing next to him smiling. I just can't wait until that day. That will show all his bully's how a big role model Niall is.


Niall Will also be my role model. He's never weak. When people bully him he's so strong. That shows how strong he is.










Heyyyy Bros! (Pewdiepie) But yeah Grace wrote half of this chapter so I wanted to finish it for her. So I'm her co-author/Bestfriend Angie :)> Lol Soo! Follow meeee!!! Byeeee

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