Hidden Notes

Lydia is a new girl in school who seems to be quite confused with everything going around her. She soon meet five boys who help her throughout the year,

Harry- Badass of the school
Liam - Smart, Sweet boy
Louis - Class clown
Zayn - Outgoing friendly boy
Niall- Shy bullied boy.

She soon get feelings for a few of the boys and knows... she can't she just..can't get tangled up in this mess. Unless of course, she can give love a shot? But, question she should be asking is.. who? Her written notes fill her scars hiding in her hearts desire cold and wounded, batted and broken, lays a heart that is upspoken. She helps the boys become friends and shes with them all the moment helping them win the x-factor. But when they go on tours after becoming famous they leave her behind and stop talking. She looses contact with them and looses her life. She struggles to live in the world anymore. Can she make it without them? Or will maybe just a tweet refresh the memory of the 5 boys?


2. 2

Lydia's POV

I hopped in the truck and fell asleep halfway through the ride. I was super tired and it seemed as if we stopped at almost every pit stop possible! We finally arrived and I got out stretched then quickly ran to the trunk to get out boxes. My room was bigger then my last one and the house we had moved into was large and beautiful! I set boxes down and once we had gotten my bed set up, I quickly fell asleep.


When I woke up my alarm went off and I noticed I had school! I quickly go dressed it a red shirt and white pants with rips all up the front. I curled my hair and put on light make-up. I brushed my teeth took a shower and etc. I wore my white All-Stars and then I grabbed my black bag and ran out the door jumping into the car as my mother pulled out and started driving to school. I started screaming/singing the songs in the car "Roar" By Katy Perry. Once we arrived I jumped out and rushed to the doors, my bookbag flying everywhere. Few people were behind me but it wasn't like I cared. I rushed into my class once I got my book seeing as everyone was pretty and cute. Unlike me I stood there watching like I had seen a ghost until someone behind me was running and rammed right into me pushing me down crashing onto the floor. I rolled my eyes trying to to make eye contact with anyone as they laughed especially the boy who pushed me. I walked to an empty seat and sat down looking down at my books as the teacher started blabbing again. The boy sat down next to me and I sighed I just couldn't get away could I? And on my first day too! I tried to make sure noone saw my face but everytime someone called my name I shot my head up. Funny they already know my name when the teacher mentioned it once. The bell soon rang and I quickly ran to the door passing everyone and to my locker. Lucky for me my locker was at an end and only one boy was on my right side. He looked quite shy so I decided to say hello,

"Hey Im Lydia" I stuck out my hand for him to shake.

"Niall" He nodded picking his items up turning and walking away leaving my hand in mid air. How sweet people were here. I picked my items up and speed-walked to my next class. Once I sat down I decided to stay quiet and not move because I would just get myself into worse trouble and embarressment for myself or others.

"Class! Get a book from the counter"! The teacher shouted.

I walked over as everyone else crowded and I slipped and fell tripping a taller boy.

"You're going to regret that kid" He gritted through his teeth.

I gulped and ran towards my seat not wanting to move. I quietly played with my pens and drew a picture the whole class. I soon fell asleep.


The bell had woken me up and I ran out the door to my locker to find Niall. I just ignored him this time not even trying. I ran to the lunch room not knowing where to sit. I spotted a familiar face, Niall.

"Hay do you mind if I sit here"? I questioned.

"No" He muttered his head facing the floor as he fiddled with his fingers. I smiled and sat down and a few moments later a group of boys came over and yelled at us.

"Get lost los-" The curly haired boy stopped and looked at me then Niall. Niall was frightened.

"Who's This Kid"? He said grabbing my arm, I squealed in pain and he yanked down on it.

"Don't hurt her, shes just a friend" He mumbled under his breath almost faint.

"Oh really"? He questioned smirking "She's new, Lets show her Niall if shes not that good of a friend, what this school does to girls like her"

"No! Please don't beat me up instead" He stated. Curly dropped me and punched Niall right in the jaw.

"NO STOP PLEASE"! I screamed. I felt so horrible did they always do this to him?

Curly and his friends turned to me and so did Niall looking at my worridly. I knew I just got myself into more trouble then I thought, as he got closer...

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