Hidden Notes

Lydia is a new girl in school who seems to be quite confused with everything going around her. She soon meet five boys who help her throughout the year,

Harry- Badass of the school
Liam - Smart, Sweet boy
Louis - Class clown
Zayn - Outgoing friendly boy
Niall- Shy bullied boy.

She soon get feelings for a few of the boys and knows... she can't she just..can't get tangled up in this mess. Unless of course, she can give love a shot? But, question she should be asking is.. who? Her written notes fill her scars hiding in her hearts desire cold and wounded, batted and broken, lays a heart that is upspoken. She helps the boys become friends and shes with them all the moment helping them win the x-factor. But when they go on tours after becoming famous they leave her behind and stop talking. She looses contact with them and looses her life. She struggles to live in the world anymore. Can she make it without them? Or will maybe just a tweet refresh the memory of the 5 boys?


1. 1

Lydia's POV

I was packing my last items out of my room looking around once again knowing how much I was going to miss this place, but, it was for the best. Packing my clothes in one and memories into my head. Sadly we weren't even close to this place we were moving 400 miles away! I swiped my hand slowly against the dusty window shades remembering the first time we moved in.

*Flash back*

I walked into the new room I was to call mine. It was spacy, white walls octagon shaped, huge closet everything you could imagine for a perfect little room. I opened the blinds dust falling everywhere.

"EWWW MOM" I screamed seeing dead bugs lay on the lift below the window.

"Oh shush its just bugs ill clean it later get unpacked" She complained.

*End Of Flashback*

I giggled at the thought I had lived here since age 9. now Im 17.... I laughed. I was so young, look at me now. I looked in the bathroom mirror across the hall. I saw my 9 year old version of me smiling in the mirror back at me waving. I shook my head and saw as it was an illiusion. I looked at the real me and saw a girl, with no hope, unsuccessful, 17 and a crazy mess. Being a girl was easier. I saw someone who doesn't know who they are, someone who finds herself lost in everything she does. I turned I couldn't take the pain, I walked into the kitchen remembering the day I came home from my cousin Macy's,


"Hey mom im back"! I yelled.

"Good I got you some things from florida!"

I looked into my bedroom and saw a huge fishing net, snowglobe and a bathing suit. I giggled smelling the fishing net, it smelt very refreshing. I went back into the kitchen and got on my computer looking up photo's of Jeremy Sumpter. I was obsessed with him at the time. After a half and hour or so, I closed my computer and went outside to the field playing with my dolls and running around.

*End of flashback*

I loved being little, what happened? Suddenly I was ripped from my thoughts when my mother started screaming from outside,


I slowly walked out side carrying the bix box of clothes and handing it to my mother. I blew a kiss at the house I loved all these years, and we drove off in a truck a tear falling remembering all the great memories at the house... all the moments I loved most all those years...

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