Kitten Harry (A Larry Stylinson Hybrid FanFiction)

Louis Tomlinson was 21 years old. He worked part time at a pet shop and full time at a swimming pool as a life gaurd. He knew a lot about hybrids, always wanting one when he was a kid. He knew how there were baby hybrids and older hybrids. They were aged normally, like humans. They were almost all incredibly cute and most of them got caught and sent to hybrid shops. They weren't cheap either, rather very expensive. They could be well behaved or very disobedient.

Louis goes down to a hybrid shop after his best mate Liam and his hybrid Niall convince him to get one. Niall is part dog but very friendly. He tells Louis about Harry and Louis smiles at the thought of a cute innocent kitten like Harry. Louis looks through the different hybrids until he spots a cute small boy in a cage. He has cat ears and a tail. He has big green-blue eyes and curly brown locks that shine. He finally found Harry.

Louis takes him home and that's how their story begins.


2. Chapter One

No One's P.O.V. (Third Person):

Louis walked up to the familar doorsteps to his best mate Liam's flat. He knocked on the door a couple times and stood back and waited for the door to open. Moments later it was open by an eager and cheerful Niall, his tail in his pants and his ears covered under a beanie. "Hello, Louis!" Niall said cheerfully and waved. Louis waved back and smiled, "Hi, Niall!" He said happily. Niall hugged Louis tightly and smiled. Louis hugged back and patted his head. He let go of the hug and walked into the flat. He kicked off his shoes and walked into the kitchen where he found Liam cooking. He sneaked up quietly behind his friend and put his hands on his shoulders, pulling him down a little. "BOO!!" He shouted and laughed when Liam screamed. 

Liam swatted him away and glared. "I'm trying to cook here!" He said harshly. Louis put his hands up in surrender and laughed. "It's all in good fun, Liam." He replied. Liam rolled his eyes and glared again. He was about to speak but stopped when Niall came up to him and hugged him tightly. He smiled and hugged back. "Hey there, Nialler." He said sweetly, placing a kiss onto Niall's forehead. "Hello!" Niall said cheerfully and kissed him on the lips. Liam returned the kiss and it would have gotten heated up if Louis wasn't there to ruin their moment. Louis snapped his fingers and coughed awkwardly. "Why do I even bother coming here?" He asked to no one in particular. "Excuse me?" Liam asked with a raised eyebrow. Louis smirked and replied, "Well, I'm obviously the third wheel here. I watch you two act all cute all the damn day!"

Niall laughed at that and kissed Liam on the lips again, this time deeper and harder. Liam wrapped his arms around Niall's waist and Niall wrapped his arms around Liam's neck. They deepened the kiss and pulled away laughing when Louis coughed loudly and yelled, "ENOUGH ALREADY!!!" Liam looked at him and sighed. "Louis, you seem so lonely, you know that?" He asked. Louis raised an eyebrow and asked, "Excuse me?" Niall butt into the conversation and replied, "You look lonely. You always watch Liam and I kiss and cuddle and all that, you just look like you're missing out." Liam smiled and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy. He placed a light kiss on his forehead and looked at Louis. "You know he's right." He stated. 

Louis rolled his eyes. "I am not lonely." He said grumpily. Liam smirked and replied, "Oh please! You've wanted a hybrid since you were a kid, Lou! Why don't you get one?" Niall glared at Liam and pouted. Liam and Louis both looked at Niall and Liam asked, "What?" Niall pouted and replied. "Hybrids are not animals. They are humans... they just get turned into hybrids. Don't talk like they're animals." He said grumpily. Liam laughed and kissed him on the cheek. "I know, babe. You're not an animal. They aren't animals. We're sorry." He said sweetly. 

Niall smiled at him and nodded his head. "Okay. I forgive you!" He said and hugged Liam again. Liam hugged back and once they pulled away they looked at Louis. "Take a hybrid home from the Hybrid Shop. A lot of hybrids are there." Niall told him. Louis sighed and replied, "As much as I'd love to take a hybrid home with me, I can't. Where would I keep it--him or her? Wait... if I ever did get one it would be a boy. So... him. Where would I keep him?" Liam raised an eyebrow and replied, "Your flat, mate. You have two extra rooms there that you don't use. We'll go get you.... Niall, what do hybrids need again? I forget." Liam and Louis looked at Niall.

Niall furrowed his eyebrows and thought for a moment. "Umm... when Liam took me home... I was scared, and didn't know what to do or think. So hybrids are okay with anything really, especially when they're in the hybrid shops... some are annoying though. They ask for a lot of things, but some are really, really sweet." Niall said with a smile, remembering one of his best friends in the Hybrid Shop not far from here. The boy was really sweet. Harry, was his name. He was new to the Hybrid Shop and Niall took care of him. He gave Harry his own food, he cuddled with Harry and hugged him tightly when he cried. He was the cutest kitten ever. It hasn't been that long since then. Only a year. Niall hoped that Harry wasn't still stuck there in that horrible cage that was always so squishy. He hoped that Harry had a home.

Niall was pulled out of his thoughts by Liam snapping his fingers in front of his face and saying loudly, "Niall... Niall, Niall! Snap out of it!" Niall looked at him confused and mumbled, "Sorry, I was just remembering something from the hybrid shop I was in." Liam smiled widely at him and Louis smiled softly. "What were you remembering?" Louis asked. Niall looked at him and sighed, "It's nothing." He mumbled. "Niall, it's not nothing. You're crying!" Liam said softly and wiped the tears that slipped from Niall's eyes. Niall patted his cheeks and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. When did he start crying? Did he really miss Harry that much? 

"I was just... just thinking about one of the kitten hybrids in the hybrid shop I was in. I remember I would always protect him. I used to give him my food, cuddle him and hug him when he cried." Niall said softly, remembering all the memories with Harry. "Aw! Niall! That's so sweet!" Liam gushed out and embraced Niall in another hug. Niall hugged back and sighed. They pulled away moments later and Louis asked curiously, "What was the hybrids name?" Niall looked at Louis and smiled softly. "Harry. His name was Harry." He said with a large smile. "Harry... okay." Louis said and nodded. Liam looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "So does that mean you're going to take a hybrid home?" He asked hopefully. Louis smiled and nodded. "I'm going to bring a hybrid home." He replied.

Nialls squealed in excitement. "Can we go too! Can we go Liam, can we please go!" Niall pleaded. Liam sighed and shook his head. "We can't, Niall. I'm sorry. But you can play with whichever hybrid Louis brings home." He reasoned. Niall huffed but nodded, then looked at Louis hopefully. "Louis!! Can you bring Harry home? I have a feeling he's still in the hybrid shop! Please bring him home with you, he's really, really, really sweet!" Niall says excitedly. Louis laughs and nods his head, "I'll try. But how does he look like?" He asks.

Niall smiles widely and starts to describe Harry. "He's amazingly adorable. He has light brown fluffy cat ears and a cat tail that matches. He's a cat hybrid, but he's a kitten. He's 14 years old but still a kitten. He's really short, like... this short." He says and shows Louis Harry's height. Which is a little below Louis' shoulders. He continues after with the same bright smile, "He's easily scared and scared of many, many things. He hates the dark and he hates being left alone. He doesn't eat much and I used to beg him to eat because he's skinny, and he won't eat much, but would if you really beg him. He has dark brown curly hair that shines, he has green-blue eyes and the most amazing smile you'll ever see. He's really shy, so if you do see him, he'll be all wide eyes and pouty. But he's a really, really sweet kitten." Niall finishes with a deep breath.

Liam laughs and pats Niall's head. "Do you like him more than me?" He asks. Niall nods instantly and giggles when Liam frowns. "He's really, really sweet, Liam. You'll love him! I've been taking care of him for four years when he came into the hybrid shop. I only left him because you took me home, and god it was hard. He was so upset but I promised that I would see him again one day." He explains. Liam sighs dramatically but nods with a smile. "Okay, love. If you say so. I can't wait to meet him!" He says excitedly.

"Should I go now or--" Louis starts but is cut off by Niall saying, "Now! Go get him now! Bring him here too! Take him home after, bring him here!" Louis laughed and nodded his head, "Okay, okay. Calm down little puppy." He says and laughs louder when Niall shoves him out the door. "I kinda need my shoes, Niall!" Louis said loudly. Niall whined and threw Louis' shoes at him. "Ow!" Louis complained and Liam walked up behind Niall and smirked. "Calm down, Niall. We'll get you your little kitten to play with." He said and winks when Niall looks at him. "Hey! I'm taking the kitten home! He's my kitten!" Louis argues.

Niall glares at Louis and growls. "MY HARRY!!!" He screams. Liam hugs Niall from the back and kisses his neck. "Okay, baby. He's your Harry, calm down now." Liam says softly to the angry part dog hybrid. Niall glares at Louis and shakes his head. "Tell him that." He says angirly. Liam looks at Louis and sighs, he looks back at Niall and frowns.

"Niall, he's not your kitten. He'll be Louis' kitten. You can play with him, okay?" Liam tries to reason with his hybrid boyfriend, but he already knew it wouldn't work. When Niall liked something, he would get it. No matter what. Even Louis agrees with that fact, Niall can get quite stubborn and angry when he doesn't get what he wants or when you don't do things his way.

Who knows how Niall would react when Harry came into the picture, or in Niall's case, back into the picture. But Liam knew all Niall really wanted right now was Harry. But the diffrenece now is that Harry is a person. A hybrid. A living, breathing, part human part cat. He's not a toy or an object. He has emotions and his own mind. Maybe Harry doesn't even remember Niall.

The only thing Niall wanted was Harry. His Harry. He made that clear already, so why wasn't Louis going to the hybrid shop yet? Why wasn't he getting Niall his Harry?! Niall was the one who protected Harry. He was the one who fed him when he could. He was the one who snuck out of his cage and went into Harry's. He's the one who cuddled and rocked the kitten boy to sleep. He was always there for Harry. Ever since Harry was 10 years old. Niall has the right to call Harry his. Niall knew Harry longer.

Niall smirked at that thought and both Louis and Liam gave him confused and questioning looks. "Alright Niall. How about we make a deal, huh? How does that sound to you?" Louis asks after a few minutes of silence. He didn't want to do this, but if he was completely honest, he really wanted to go and find Harry, he wanted to take Harry home. Harry sounded, perfect. Even better than Niall, in Louis' thoughts at least.

Niall's ears perked up from under his beanie and he looked at Louis. "What kind of deal?" He asked curiously. "Well, if you're good. I'll bring Harry here everyday. Or whenever Harry wants to come here, but if you're not going to be good, and you won't cooperate with me, then you will only see Harry once. Or after, only a few times. I'll make sure not to bring him here too often, maybe once a month or maybe once every two or three months." Louis said to the dog hybrid. 

Niall raised an eyebrow and looked at him. "What do you want me to do?" He asked, not understanding where Louis was getting at. Louis sighed and replied, "You have to behave Niall. Cooperate with me. I'm going to get Harry out of that hybrid shop, then I'm going to bring him here to you for a little while. After you and Harry finish doing... whatever you want to do with him, I'll take him home and you and Liam can come over whenever you'd like, or if Harry wants, we can come to you soon too. How does that sound?"

Niall smiled brightly and nodded his head enthusiastically. "Yes, yes!! Go get Harry! Do what you want, just get Harry!" He said excitedly. Liam laughed and took the beanie off of Niall's head. He then ruffled Niall's hair and kisses his left ear. "Calm down, babe. Don't get too excited. What if Harry doesn't want to see you?" He asked, curious as to what Niall would say. Niall huffed and glared at Liam. "I know Harry. I know my Harry. He will want to see me. He'll trust me more than Louis anyways." He replied, as if it was the simplest question ever.

Louis raised an eyebrow. "And how do you know that?" He asked. Niall smiled. "I already told you. My. Harry." He replied with a huge grin. "Okay, Niall. That's enough excitement for now." Liam says sternly, but he couldn't stop the smile from appearing on his face. Niall seemed to really love Harry. Probably more than Liam himself, but Liam didn't mind, he loved to see this protective and defensive side of Niall. It made him laugh and love the boy even more than he already did.

Niall looked at Liam and sighed. What do you mean, that's enough excitement?" He asked curiously. Liam laughed and shook his head. "You should look at yourself. You're an excited puppy right now." Liam said to him. Niall shook his head and pouted. "I'm not a puppy! I'm 18!" He protested. Liam smirked and nodded his head. "Okay, you're mine though, right? You're not Harry's, right?" Liam asked. 

Niall glared at Liam and said angirly. "I am Harry's. But I'm yours too. I was just Harry's first. Deal with it." And with that he turned around and walked into the living room. Liam and Louis both laughed at how Niall was acting and followed him. Louis walked to the door and smiled at Niall and Liam. "Alright, I'll head to the hybrid shop and bring Harry here." He said with a huge smile. Liam and Niall smiled back, Niall's smile being much bigger than Liam's. "Okay!" They said in unison. Louis grabbed his keys and wallet and went to the door. He opened the door but was stopped by Niall. He turned around and looked down at him curiously. "Yes?" He asked.

Niall smiled and hugged Louis tightly. "Thank you. For going to get my Harry. Bring him here quick, please?" Niall said as he pulled away. Louis smiled and nodded his head. He walked out and yelled over his shoulder. "I will!" 

He walked to his car and got into the drivers seat. He started the engine and drove to the nearest hybrid shop that was not far from here. Only a few minutes away.


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