Summer Love

Crystal Jackson is your average 19 year old. She just finished high school and is going to London with her best friends Faith, Beatrice, and Renee for college and some fun. But happens when they meet the Biggest Boy Band on Earth................


3. Chapter One: Summer!

Crystal P.O.V.


Today is the last day of high school for me and my friends Faith, Beatrice, and Renee. We decided to go to the London College Of Fashion. We actually have a Fashion scholarship. Impossible right? Well no we don't like sports. Sweat. EW! So we almost failed High School for not having a sports. So before we could fail me and my girls made new outfits for the Girls Basketball Team. It helped them win in style. So the coach passed us and we have a scholarship for fashion. Boring well whatever we're heading to London now. We are actually on the plane. We have around 100,700 dollars from our parents and our savings. Anyways, Thank goodness they have WIFI! I would die if I couldn't talk to our other friends. We are gonna live a few blocks down from the Airport so we can take it walking.


So now me and my girls got off the plane. We walked out of the airport and headed to our new home. New Lives. We walked down the street a bit and looked at the addresses we found ours but it was across the street. There were no cars on the cold streets of London. So we crossed. The house was pretty big. We walked in and stopped and just looked up at the place it was AMAZING! We all breathed out a "wow" and then we got pulled out of our trance and put all of our luggage inside. The living room was huge it had:


*A chandelier

*1 big couch with cup holders

*Wooden shelves built ON the wall

*And much much more!


We walked around the house a bit more. We found a cute but big kitchen with a table in the middle with cute chairs that are made just for your butt so like half a circle. 9 HUGE ROOMS!!! 4 Bathrooms. A dining room. A garage. Laundry room. 4 floors. A backyard. An attic. Basement. A little living room before you walk in the guest room.  We went down to get our luggage in the living room and took them upstairs. Just so you know this house is costume so the things were already in here the beds couches all of that.

"Hey guys I saw a Starbucks while we were walking here ima go get us some what do you want?" I said as we were watching the TV.

"Mocha Late and a doughnut" Faith yelled not taking her eyes off the TV eating some popcorn that was in the fridge.??? Weird right? Ya ok.....

"Frappuccino and cookie!" Renee yelled next.

"Chocolate Shake and a Chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles" Beatrice yelled at me and everyone looked at her with a confused look. "What?!" she said. 

"Ooh nothing" we all said in usion.

I walked out of the house, crossed the street making sure no cars were there, and went in Starbucks to order. Once I was done I was carrying 4 bags and a cup holder. I walked out of the store and was crossing the street when I dropped one of the bags in the middle of the street I bent down to pick it up when I heard someone yell, "Get out of the way" I looked up clearly confused and I felt 1 person on each side of me with muscular arms pick me up and carry me across the street. Then I saw a car pass where I was standing and was caught up. I looked up to thank them but before I can talk I see THE Harry FREAKING Styles and THE Louis FREAKING Tomlinson! I look across the street in front of Starbucks and saw THE Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik! OMG OMG OMG!!!

"Uhhhh.... Thank You so much, I'm Crystal" I said smiling.

"I'm Harry and that's Louis"

"Ooh I know who ALL of you are trust me!" I said looking at the ground. They just chuckled then Niall, Liam, and Zayn crossed the street and came over to me and THE BOYS!

"This is Crystal guys" Harry said being flirty putting an arm over me. I just looked at the ground and smiled.

"Hi'' N, L, and Z said at the same time.

I managed to mumble a "Hello"

"So where do you live" Louis asked.

"Uhh.. that's a little to personal fo me" I sassed.

"Sassy huh? well, I'm the SassMasta from Doncasta"

"Ya but his mom still calls him BooBear" Zayn said making everyone chuckle.

"Relax babe we are just asking" Niall said once he caught his breathe from laughing.

"Ooh well ok I live over there" I said pointing to my house. "Wanna come over for a bit" I said hopefully.

"Sure" they all said.

"Great and I have a plan you up for it?"

"Sure" Liam said having an evil look in his eyes.

"Ok well....."

-------Skip Walk to House-------

"Hayyyy!" I said walking in.

"He--" They said but were cut off by........... Faith.

"Where is my Doughnut?"

"And my Chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles" Beatrice.

"Ugh and where is my cookie!? ME WANT COOKIE!" Renee yelled.

"Well there was a situation but I got you something better" I said smiling like an idiot.

"Nothing will make up for no cookie" Renee said madly. I went to the front door and told them to come.

"I present to you..... ONE DIRECTION!" I said like an announcer as they walked in.Their jaws dropped and popcorn fell out.


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