Full Moon

I looked up at the full moon and sighed. I ran as fast as I could thorugh the forest so no one could see my horrible transformation. Wolf hair sprouted along my spine as my nose grew longer and my teeth grew sharper. I crouched to the groung until I was on all fours and a howl shattered the unnatrul silent night. Then I ran. My fur rippled in the breaze as my instincs were shapenend. Ya, I was a werewolf


3. *Sigh* Dresses

"Come on!" Carsyn shrieked, as she ran inside to admire all the beautiful dresses. I approached cautiously, as if one of the dresses might attack me. And one might too, you never can tell what is under all those frills and poofs. The hour was packed with torture. Me trying on dress after dress. It's as if Carsyn wanted me to try on every freaken dress in the store! It was one dress after another. Carsyn finally decided on a teal, one strap dress. It was a little tight around the waist, but spread out at the bottom.

"You look... Presentable," she started. "But you need one more thing!" I sighed. I wasn't used to being dressed up. The dress iched, and my legs felt restricted.

"Please, no more. I just want to go home and sleep." But it was no use. Carsyn dragged my over to the necklaces and made me look at the really sparkly ones until my eyes hurt. While we were looking, a small necklace caught my eye. It was the first time a piece of jewelry had ever stood out to me. It looked like an eclipse, exept a bit of the moon was still showing. The little sliver of moon was made of diamonds, and the rest was black

"But of course this one is real diamonds and they would look so much better on you," Carsyn was rambling on about something.

"I'd like that one," I told Carsyn. The lady at the booth nodded.

"That one!?" Carsyn asked. "But, it's so small!" I just smiled while the lady brought it out and handed it to me. I payed her for the dress and necklace and we left, and for the first time in forever, I left a dress store with a smile on my face.

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