Full Moon

I looked up at the full moon and sighed. I ran as fast as I could thorugh the forest so no one could see my horrible transformation. Wolf hair sprouted along my spine as my nose grew longer and my teeth grew sharper. I crouched to the groung until I was on all fours and a howl shattered the unnatrul silent night. Then I ran. My fur rippled in the breaze as my instincs were shapenend. Ya, I was a werewolf


2. Getting Ready

The school day passed like a flash, which was unfortunate for me, because the school dance was that day. As I walked home with Carsyn, she kept rambling on about the dance. I just learned to ignore it. When I got to my house, Carsyn followed me. "What are you doing?" I asked Carsyn looked confused. "Um, I'm helping you get ready." I sighed

"The dance is in 3 hours. I don't need 3 hours to take a shower. Besides, I'm just going in this." I gestured to my shirt and jeans. Carsyn's looked at me like I was crazy.

"Are you kidding me?!" She shrieked. "No, no no no no no No!" She yelled. She marched over to my closet, and nearly fainted. "This is it!?" There were 10 outfits and they were mostly jeans and shirts. "Not good, not good not good not good not good!" Carsyn shrieked and marched around my room. I stifled my laughter. "Ok, we are going shopping now!" She told me, and griped my hand.

"Wait, what?" I asked, my smile wiped off my face immediately. She pulled me over to my car and pushed me in. I sighed and crossed my legs as she got in the driver's side and held her hand out for the keys. "You know, I have clothes."

"Ummmm," Carsyn looked at me like I had sprouted ears, which last night I really did. She kept starting at me, and worried me, to the point where I looked up to see if I really did sprout ears again. "Those are not appropriate for the dance tonight, and for the last time, keys!" I sighed and put the keys in her hand and she drove to my lest favorite store in the universe. Victoria's Secret.

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