Full Moon

I looked up at the full moon and sighed. I ran as fast as I could thorugh the forest so no one could see my horrible transformation. Wolf hair sprouted along my spine as my nose grew longer and my teeth grew sharper. I crouched to the groung until I was on all fours and a howl shattered the unnatrul silent night. Then I ran. My fur rippled in the breaze as my instincs were shapenend. Ya, I was a werewolf


1. Dawn

     I groaned as I woke up. I rubbed my head and thought about last night. Everything was fuzzy and I couldn't remember anything. I leaped out of bed and turned on the news. I sighed. Nothing was on about an attack. I went to the bathroom to get ready for school. I looked in the mirror and jumped. I had two wolf ears on the top of my head. I panicked. No one could see me like that. I shook my head and they disappeared. I guess I forget to mention that I'm a werwolf. I was bitten when I was 8 and ever since then every full moon, I made up an excuse to leave the house and go into the forest close to my house. 

"Emily!" My mom called. 

"Coming!" I yelled I quickly dragged a brush through my long dark brown hair. I threw on some clothes and ran out into the kitchen. I grabbed the piece of toast my mom put out for me. "Bye mom!" I called, as I ran outside to greet my friend, Carsyn. She glared at me. I groaned.

"What did I do now?" I asked.

"You were supposed to be at Darci's party last night!" She yelled at me. "I was going to set you up with Jacob!"

"oh, right that party! Sorry, I forgot." I said as we walked down the street to our high school.

"What were you doing that was so important that you had to miss the party?" She asked me. I shrugged. making sure a lot of innocent people were not ripped apart by me. I suggested silently in my head.

"Oh, homework." I said airily. Carsyn yelled at me all the way to school. "Look," I said angrily. "Yelling at me isn't going to do anything. I'll make it up to you."

"Well," Carsyn thought for a little bit. "You know the school dance?" She asked, then plowed ahead without an answer. "Well, if you go to that, and go with Jacob, we'll be even."

"Fine." I sighed.

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