{Ashton Irwin fanfiction.} Sometimes the people you trust do something horrible to you and you change your whole aspect of how they are and stop trusting them.


2. Waste

Have you ever had that one friend, that you lost along the way in your journey -- or life -- and you know you can't go back for them? They're living on their own. They took a different path. You separated in the journey, finding out which way is better. But both of you are now lost. Alone. Without one another. You have to find the way to your destination by yourself. And now you've lost that one person that was helping you and you're forever lost.

Well, I have that one friend. His name's Ashton.

Ashton, Ashton, Ashton. What can I say about this son of a bitch? Well, he left me long ago in middle school when he found a group of friends that were better than me. They lead him to the wrong path. Smoking, partying, and drinking. He became an asshole as well. He kept bullying me, picking on me, pushing me around, telling me I'm not good enough, telling me he wonders why he ever was friends with me. He became an ignorant asshole that gets drunk every night with his 'friends'.

"Caitlin!" the teacher yells across the room. I quickly raise my head, opening my eyes and shaking my head frantically, waking up from my sleep. "Why are you sleeping in my class?"

"I-I'm sorry, ma'am, I-I didn't get much sleep last night," I explained. Yeah, I was crying myself to sleep and I couldn't fall asleep.

"No excuses, missy. Detention."

She slammed a detention slip on my desk, making me jump. Everyone snickered and whispered to one another saying how this is 'the first time Mrs. Goodie Goodie got detention',

The bell rang. This was last period. Got detention to go to now. Fuck.

"Okay, class, have a nice weekend! Caitlin, I'll see you in detention," the teacher yelled across the room as the class scurried off.  


Detention. Possibly the worst place to be on a Friday. All of the 'trouble makers' are in here. I'm a 'goodie goodie', meaning I don't belong here. They'll surely make fun of me.

As I walked in, a paper airplane flew across my head, making me have to duck slightly to avoid getting hit in the head with it. I felt all of their eyes looking at me. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Caitlin," I heard Ashton's voice say in a sing-song voice. "What are you doing here? Helping the teacher watch us?"

They all laughed.

"N-No," I said, kind of choking on my words. "I have detention." I walked up to a desk far away from the boys and girls, awkwardly sitting down in it.

"Oohh, little miss goodie goodie finally got detention, aye?" he said, laughing slightly. "What'd you do?"

"Sleep in class," I answered. Wow, probably should've lied to make that sound better but no, I wanted to tell the truth. Good job, Caitlin, now you're going to be made fun of.

They all chuckled. "Sleeping in class," one of them said, scoffing afterwards. "Pathetic."

They all left me alone after a while. Since the teacher walked out of the room, I pulled out my phone, scrolling through it, hoping to find something to do.

"Caitlin," someone whispered next to me.

I looked to see who it was. Ashton.

"What do you want?" I whispered back in an annoyed tone.

"Someone's pissy," he scoffed. "Just wanted to know what you're doing tonight."
I scoffed and turned back to my phone. "Nothing and I'm planning on doing absolutely nothing tonight."

"Well, sweetie, screw those plans. Wanna go over to my house tonight? I'm having a party. It's gunna be sick," he told me, smirking slightly. That smirk. Fuck, if he wasn't a dick, I would totally fuck him. I mean date him. Uhm.

"No thanks," I mumbled, staring at my phone.

"You're going to miss out on all of the fun! Don't you want to have fu-"

"I can have fun being alone, okay? Now, piss off, will you?" I whisper-yelled.

It was quiet after that. Well, that shut him up.


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