{Ashton Irwin fanfiction.} Sometimes the people you trust do something horrible to you and you change your whole aspect of how they are and stop trusting them.


1. Plot (so it makes sense)

Ashton is Caitlin's best friend. They new each other since kindergarten and they've been tight since. But one day Ashton changes. He starts hanging out with other people and makes fun of Caitlin. He smokes and has parties every night now. But in the end of the day, Ashton pretends to be his old self. Caitlin ignores him now and changes as well. They never hang out and both are trouble makers in school. What Ashton didn't know is that Caitlin has feelings for him and they never went away. 


{Warning ; Involves drinking, doing drugs, maybe sexual activity, trigger warning to suicidal people, and lots off cuss words like "cunt" "fuck" "prick" and so on.}

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