Memories of love

Haley Smith never thought 3 things would happen, 1. Lose all the weight she had gained over the years. 2. To have boys fall at her feet, and 3. to be reunited with her best friend, Harry. Follow Haley's story as she over comes the challenges she faces.


11. What?!

Hayley' POV

I unlocked my front door and closed it slowly. I could hear Liam’s car drive away. I tiptoed into the kitchen, knowing my mom would have left me some dessert for when I returned home. I flicked on the switch. When the lights flickered on, Nick was sitting on the counter eating a piece of left over pie. I was scared half to death.

“What are you doing up? Don’t you have a bed time or something?” I asked setting my purse and keys on the table and grabbing a plate.

“I’m 14, and its Friday, so no school tomorrow” Nick answered with a grin. He took another bite of his pie. I nodded and walked over the where the pie was and cut myself a small piece.

“Can I ask you something?” Nick asked shyly. I nodded taking a bite of the sweet apple pie. I had forgotten how much I love apple pie.

“How do you ask a girl out?” Nick asked taking another bite. I choked on my pie and started coughing uncontrollably. Nick’s checks burned red, as he shock out his hair. I never really noticed how long his hair has gotten.

“When did you start liking girls?” I asked finally being able to breathe again.

“Um like since forever” Nick chuckled and put his plate in the wash.

“Well what’s her name? Do I know her? What does she look like?” I asked all at once.

“Anna, no, and she looks beautiful” Nick answered grabbing a seat next to me.

“Well just ask her out” Nick looked at me as if I was crazy. “Alright fine, step one, make her laugh. Step two, tell her she has a great laugh, step three, ask her out” Nick seemed to think it over, and then nodded.

“Thanks big sis, night” Nick left the kitchen leaving me with my thoughts. I was alone for long, my phone started to buzz. I looked at the caller id, Niall. I decided it would be rude to talk in the kitchen, so I sprinted to my room and shut the door. I answered the phone.

“Hayley?” I could hear a tv in the back ground.

“Yeah, it’s me Niall, what do you need?”

“I just wanted to say good night…”

“Really Niall? I’m gonna go, night” I pressed end call before he could answer. I threw my phone on my sky blue bed. I went to my bathroom and put on my pajamas. I cleaned off my make-up and plopped on my bed. I put my phone to charge, and turned off my lights. The last thing I remember seeing was the glow in the dark stars that were glued onto my celling.

I was shaken awake by Nick.

“What the h-“

“Grandpa’s sick” I was interrupted by Nick. His eyes were red, as if he had just been crying. I looked at him confused.

“Mom says that the doctor told her that he doesn’t have very long” my hand shot up to my mouth, my eyes started to water. Tears threatened to spill over onto my cheeks. My grandpa was my best friend when no one was; he helped me through some much. If he died I don’t know what I’ll do without all his stories about his life.  I quickly got up, which made Nick fall on the floor. I ran down stairs, I could hear my mom clicking the end button on the home phone. I entered the kitchen to see my mom with big red puffy eyes and a tissue in her hand. My dad had his arm around her shoulder trying to comfort her. He was doing a very good job at it.

“Who was that on the phone?” I asked taking a seat across from my parents.

“It was Niall’s mother” She answered with a sniffle.

“Why were you calling her?” I asked, confused. I mean like grandpa is sick and you want to talk to your friend? My dad looked at my mom with a face of worry.

“Well, honey, no one can take care of grandpa, so your mother and I will have to go take care of him, with all your brothers” my dad said looking into my eyes.

“Ok?” I answered, still confused.

“Well, since you just got back to your school, and it’s a really good school, the best in the country. You will be staying with Niall” my mom finished. I stared at them blanked eyed.

“You’re kidding right? You must be joking” I answered, mostly to myself.

“We are not, you have to stay” my mother got up and tried to walk over to me. I quickly got up and backed away. Tears began to form again. I ran upstairs and slammed the door. How could they? I mean, I like Niall and their family and all, but I love my grandpa. I love where he lives. He lives in California. I miss the U.S. I miss the sun. I miss him.

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