Memories of love

Haley Smith never thought 3 things would happen, 1. Lose all the weight she had gained over the years. 2. To have boys fall at her feet, and 3. to be reunited with her best friend, Harry. Follow Haley's story as she over comes the challenges she faces.


10. The date

Hayley's POV

We drove for about 20 minutes blasting music. Niall called halfway through the car ride, I quickly hung up before he found out who I was with. We finally arrived. Liam pulled up to a ice skating rink. I looked over to Liam and excitedly grabbed his arm.

"I've always wanted to go I've skating!" I jumped up and down in my seat.

"I had no idea" Liam said. (In all reality he had asked Niall a week ago. Niall still doesn't remember, he probably won't) Liam led me to the front door. The door flew open to revel an empty skating rink. I was too busy being excited to notice we were the only car in the lot. Liam slid his hand into mine. I looked down at our hands and snuggled up to Liam. We got our shoes and put them on.

"Just to let you know, I may suck" I warned Liam. He let out a laugh as he slid onto the ice with ease. I was nervous. What if I fall on my ass in front of one of the hottest guy is the history of hot guys. Liam skated next to me.

"Don't be nervous, it's easy. I promise, if it's not then you get to push me down" Liam grabbed my hand and tugged on it. I stepped on the ice and almost fell down. If it wasn't for Liam catching me, then I would have fallen.

"Oh you are soooooooo getting pushed down" at this remark Liam chuckled.

"Come on, it's just like roller skating" Liam skated in front of me and held my hand in front if me.

No one's POV

Hayley and Liam skated for 2 hours. They left the skating rink and went out to eat. They were too busy having fun that they hadn't noticed the 2 boys hiding behind the counter.

Hayley's POV

"That was SOO much fun" we had just pulled up to a 50's theme restaurant and ordered our food. We took our seats in booth. Liam sat in front of me. We waited for our food in silence. Until I broke it.

"Hey Liam, I had a great time, thank you for teaching me how to ice skate" I rubbed my foot up and down his leg which made him blush. He looked like a tomato.

"C-can y-you st-st-stop that?"Liam asked trying to stop from blushing.

"Aw, am I making you uncomfortable?" I asked all innocent like.

"Uh not it's just uh that…" when he didn't finish I stopped and started to laugh out loud. That's when the waitress came with our food. We started to eat and tell each other stories. I was in the middle telling a story when Harry and Niall walked in.

"What's wrong?" Liam turned around and started to choke on his food. We both exchanged glances and hid under the table.

"Wait, why are you hiding?" I asked Liam.

"I knew they would get mad at me if they knew I was with you, why are you hiding?" Liam asked me.

"Same reason you are" I told Liam.

"Well, I don't care, I want to be able to show you off" Liam got up from under the table, I followed him.

"Neither do I" I grabbed Liam's hand and smiled at him. Harry spotted me and came over to our table. Great.

Harry's POV

There she was. Smiling at him. Smiling at someone who isn't me. She probably loves him. Why had I been so stupid? Why had I not loved her enough? Why? God I'm the dumbest guy in the world. I blamed her for me being stupid. I blamed her for everything. I called her fat even when she wasn't. I made her cut her self. Why? Heh, I know why. Because she kissed my best friend. I told her I wanted nothing to do with her so she went and kissed him. It's all my fault. God, I hate myself. Great I made eye contact with her. Great now I'm walking over there. No Harry, turn around, walk somewhere else, pretend you are meeting someone else. Oh god she's smiling at me. Stop it Harry, you ruined her life, stop thinking about how beautiful she is, or how great of a person she is.

"Hey" hey? What the hell Harry? Your THE Harry Styles and all I have to say is hey?

"Hi, what's up with you guys?" Hayley asked me and Niall.

"We're just getting a bite to eat" Niall answered. Thank god he did. Niall sat next to Liam who had an annoying look on his face. Wait, crap. Now I have to sit next to Hayley. I sat next to her slowly. I could smell her sweet perfume.

"Well, uh what are you two doing here?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well, we were on a date, until you two ruined it" Liam answered angrily.

"Well mate, you could have told us" Niall answered irritated.

"I didn't because you would have acted like this!" Liam semi-shouted. That's when Liam stood up and pushed passed Niall. He walked out of the restaurant.

"I can't believe you" Hayley looked at us with disappointed eyes. She got up and followed Liam. Great, now she hates me even more. I looked over to Niall who was already eating Liam's food. I looked at with a shocked.

"Hayley's and you're just here eating their god damn food?! What is wrong with you?!" I asked looking in my wallet and taking out money to pay. I threw the money on the table and walked out. When I door I I called out to Niall to follow.

Hayley's POV

I followed Liam outside into the cold air. Liam was pacing back and forth. I could tell he was angry. I walked up to him and placed my hand on his warm shoulder. He turned around and his features soften.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so mad at them, why can't they understand that we like each other?" Liam got mad again. I cupped my hands around his soft face. His big brown eyes looked into my light green ones. We started smiling. I stood up on my tippy toes. Liam placed his hands on my hips. I inched closer to his lips. Liam quickly closed the gap. Our lips moved in sync. He slide his tongue into my mouth. I eventually pulled away since my feet were hurting. Liam's face looked like a little kids face on Christmas. It was adorable.

Liam's POV


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