Memories of love

Haley Smith never thought 3 things would happen, 1. Lose all the weight she had gained over the years. 2. To have boys fall at her feet, and 3. to be reunited with her best friend, Harry. Follow Haley's story as she over comes the challenges she faces.


3. Chapter 3

I looked around me and all the people around me were making out. I rolled my eyes and sipped my drink. I noticed I didn’t have any left so I got up from the stairs and went to the kitchen for another drink. I looked down at my feet as I walked, not paying attention to where I was going. I slammed into a tall brood body. I looked at my clothes and saw it was all wet with sticky soda. I looked up to see a forgiving face that quickly turned into a smirk.

“Oh look boys, The whale decided to show up at my party” Harry said turning his face and talking loud enough so that the people around us could hear. A single tear feel from my eye.

“Aw I made the whale cry, someone call up Africa, I think we just solved their water problem” Harry sneered. I looked into his eyes as people around me started to laugh. I looked around for my friends but couldn’t find them. I pushed my way through the crowd and ran outside. I ran to the backyard of Harry’s house and kept running into the woods. I stopped when I ran out of breath. I was in the middle of the woods when that happened. I mean I knew I was on the heavier side. I knew that I wasn't as skinny as the other girls in my town. But Harry had no right to call me those names and make fun of me. 

I walked home since i was too tired to run. Once home I noticed that my phone was blown up with messages from Emily and Jessica. I was in no mood to talk to them. Before I was able to hide away in my room, my mom came out of her room. 

"Hey honey, how was the party?" Before i could answer I broke down in tears. My mom grabbed my hand and pulled me into my room. She hugged me and waited until I was able to speak again. I explained what had happened with Harry and the party. 

"I was going to wait until the time was right, so I guess this is it" My mother started. I looked up to her with a confused look and she continued.

"Well, a few months ago, Your father and I sent an application to a private academy in Ireland. Honey, you were accepted. Would you want to go?" My mother seemed very excited. And honestly, so was I. A fresh start was exactly what I needed. I nodded my head. My mom was so happy that I agreed. She then informed me that she had a friend who lived where we would be moving, and that they had a son my age. She assured me things would get better. For once I believed her.

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