Memories of love

Haley Smith never thought 3 things would happen, 1. Lose all the weight she had gained over the years. 2. To have boys fall at her feet, and 3. to be reunited with her best friend, Harry. Follow Haley's story as she over comes the challenges she faces.


2. Chapter 2

"“I change my mind” I turned around using the bottom of my shoes. Jessica and Emily locked their arms in mine and made me walk backwards. I eventually turned around and trudged along. We got to the door and I could already feel the heat. I was wearing a varsity jacket with boot-cut jeans that barely fit. We walked to the kitchen and got drinks. We all got soda since none of us wanted to go home drunk. We were greeted by many people.

Jessica and Emily went to go dance while I sat on the stairs near the door. I started to remember all the good times I had on these stairs, my eyes started to water as a certain memory came to mind.


“Harry!? Where are you?” I yelled my voice echoed around the house. I turned a corner and jumped. Harry was sitting on the stairs that lead to his and his parent’s bedroom. “What are you doing?” I asked as I took a seat next Harry. He was looking at a photo album, it was pictures of us when we were younger. We've been friends ever since we were babies.

“Why do you have that old thing?” I asked inching closer to him, our legs touching.

“Well, I just feel old” he answered flipping the page.

“Harry, we’re 14”

“I know but like, now we can date and I just feel old now” I let out a small laugh. I put my hand on his.

“As long as we are friends then we will always be kids”

Harry kept staring at me with this weird look. I was so confused. He started to inch closer me. 

"Harry? What are you doing?" I asked him, almost silently. He didn't stop moving. His lips barely touched mine before I pushed him off of me. Harry gave me a hurt look. He quickly got up and ran upstairs to his room. I heard his door slam shut, and knew I wasn't going to be welcome. 


That was one of my worst memories. That's when Harry stopped being my best friend. I had rejected him and he hated me for that. He started being mean to me and calling me names. I had never seen someone change so much over the course of 24 hours. 

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