Memories of love

Haley Smith never thought 3 things would happen, 1. Lose all the weight she had gained over the years. 2. To have boys fall at her feet, and 3. to be reunited with her best friend, Harry. Follow Haley's story as she over comes the challenges she faces.


1. Chapter 1

Haley’s POV

I walked past a Hollister. I always hated that store. I could never fit into their clothes. My thoughts forced to walk faster towards the food court. I located my friends sitting in one of the table snacking on some fries. I walked up to them and sat down next to Emily. Emily’s long curly brown hair was in a ponytail. She had pink lipstick on and was wearing a matching pink shirt. Jessica was wearing a sundress and light make-up. Her slick black hair was in a bun. They both greeted me with a welcoming smile.

“Hey, how’s my favorite American friend?” Emily’s Irish accent showing. Jessica and I rolled our eyes at her. Ever since I told her I was from California she always greeted me like that.

“I’m your only American friend” I answered looking around to see if I could see anyone I knew.

“Shhhh, don’t ruin it” Emily put her finger to her mouth. I looked at her with a questioning. She started to laugh like crazy person while I just stared at her.

“What we gonna do tonight?” Jessica asked playing with her freshly done nails.

“About that…” Emily started while looking at me with a nervous look.

“What?” I looked over at Jessica who shrugged.

“I got invited to a party at Harry’s house so I wanted to go” Emily quickly spat, hoping I wouldn’t hear her correctly, but I did.

“Nope, no way we are not going to a party at Harry’s house so you can flirt with him” I responded looking into Emily’s light brown eyes. She started to pout.

“That’s not going to work this time” I looked into her eyes again and I finally broke down.

“Fine, fine we’ll go” I rolled my eyes as she hugged me and repeated thank you. We all got up and walked around the mall for a few hours before we decided to go to my house to get ready.

I unlocked my front door as Jessica and Emily were laughing about something. Before we came to my house we had to stop at Emily’s house to pick up clothes for Jessica and herself, they wouldn't have fit into mine. We walked into my house and my youngest brother, Thomas, greeted me and my friends with a huge hug, he was about 1. I'm one girl with 5 brothers. I’m the oldest, with 15 years old, and then my brother Nick, who is 14, then Zach, he's 12, then the twins Martin, and Alex who are 10. Then the youngest, Thomas. Jessica, Emily and I all ran upstairs to my room. The party starts at 8 and it was already 7:15. All of us took turns taking a shower and we did each other’s hair and make-up. It was about 7:55 when we left my room to go down stairs. I looked for my mom who was in the kitchen making dinner.

“Hey mom can we go to a party?” I asked with a puppy dog face. She looked at us.

“I can’t say no, you guys are already dressed up” my mother said with a smile. I looked at her hopeful.

“Who’s party?” my mother asked stirring the beans she was making.

“You remember Harry… right?” I asked hoping she had forgotten.

“Of course!”

“Yeah, it’s his party”

“You guys are friends again! Oh I’ve missed him, remember when you two were little and you guys…”

“MOM!” I quickly interrupted her before she said something embarrassing.

“You can go” she finally answered I gave her a quick goodbye and left. Harry’s house was only a street down so we walked. Emily’s heels clicked at the ground. The cool air felt nice. When we got to Harry’s house there was music blasting, I’m surprised his mean neighbor hasn’t called the cops yet. I felt nauseous, Why did I agree? 

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