Silent Love (Larry Stylinson)

Louis was 18 years old, he had 4 younger sisters, Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy. He lived with 5 girls, including his mom. Louis encourages his mom to date, but little did he know, she already was. She was dating a girl, her own gender. When his mom confronts him and tells him she's gay, Louis has something he has to tell her too.

When Louis finds out his mom is gay, and also her, girlfriend, or wife? You could say. Louis also learns she has a son of her own. Harry.

When Louis learns something about Harry, he can't hear, but there is more to it. How will Louis feel about his new brother, and how does Harry feel about all this?


5. Chapter 4

Louis' POV:

After confessing our love and all that sappy but cute and sweet stuff, Harry and I got ready for bed. We've both had an incredibly long day with a lot going on, so a good nights sleep could do us both good.

I already brushed my teeth and now Harry is brushing his. I stripped down to just my boxers and sat on the edge of my bed, waiting for Harry.

It's amazing how both Harry and I were excited to meet each other and when we did, we talked and got along great, learning a lot about the other. Then the thing with Harry's hearing happened, then the kiss and now we're together! This is amazing.

I don't even care if Harry is technically my brother now, or that he's two years younger and so insecure. It's cute. I love him and he loves me. Love is love. Nothing can stop it from happening and we don't have control over it.

Harry comes back into the room so I snap out of it.

I watch as he strips down to his boxers, then slips on some pajama pants and a t shirt. I frown. He doesn't have to be embarrassed of sleeping in boxers or even naked. I do it too. He turns around and smiles at me, his cheeks going scarlet red when he realizes I saw everything. I smile at how cute he can be.

"No need to be embarrassed, love. I'm hoping to see more than that later." I wink and smirk, his cheeks turn into a deeper shade of red.

It's then I realize he's still standing. "Come sit Haz." I say and he blushes more. Damn, this boy blushes a lot!

I pat the spot beside me and he sits down awkwardly. I wrap my arms around him, pulling him close. He stiffens, but relaxes a moment later and hugs me back.

I pull him onto my lap and he buries his head in my chest; wrapping his arms around my neck. He seems so much tinnier then me. His body is a lot smaller. But I guess it makes sense, he is two and a half years younger than me.

"Haz?" I ask quietly, in case he fell asleep. He doesn't respond, so I try again. "Hazza?" I ask. Still no response. Maybe he can't hear or something, and it was just for a little while he could hear. My thoughts are wrong though, "Yeah, Boo?" Harry's husky yet soft and somewhat high voice asks.

I smile. "Are you awake?" I ask stupidly. He nods against my chest and I look down at the boy in my arms. He had his eyes closed, his head was rested on my chest, his body was curled up into a ball in my arms. His one arm on my shoulder and the other on his stomach. I had my arms wrapped around him securely and protectively, holding him close.

It felt nice holding him like this. His eyes fluttered open sleepily and then closed again. Then opened again. I chuckled a little which caused Harry's head to move with my chest, so I stopped and looked down at him smiling.

His mouth opened a little and a soft yawn escaped his mouth. "Go to sleep, Harry." I say, and as soon as I do, his eyes shut and moments later I hear soft snores escape his lips. I grin at the sight.

He looks so calm and peaceful when he sleeps.

I then hear a quiet creek and I look up at the door to see mum and Anne walk in. Mum closes the door and they both come and sit beside Harry and I on the bed. Anne is on the left, by Haery's feet you could say. And mum on the right, where Harry's head is closer to her.

They both chuckle lightly. "He's cute when he sleeps." I state out loud, looking down at my boyfriend, brother and best mate.

"He loves cuddling." Anne says as she removes some hair out of Harry's face. I smile when he parts his lips then closes them again, as if he was talking in his dream. Mum chuckles quietly.

"He really is cute when he sleeps." She says with a big smile on her face. Anne nods. Then the room is quiet and all you can hear is Harry's soft snores every now and then.

"So, Louis," mum starts, I look at her with a raised eyebrow. "What are you and Harry?" She asks with a smirk on her face. I smile and reply, "Best mates, brothers and boyfriends." I reply and they both chuckle knowingly.

"I knew it would happen." Anne says after a moment. "Yeah, you and Harry were quite predictable the whole day." Mum says.

I nod, knowing it was probably really obvious.

"Oh, Anne. I have a question." I say, remembering what happened with Harry earlier and now he can hear. She nods for me to continue. "What would happen if Harry out of nowhere could hear again?" I ask, trying to make it sound like there's nothing going on and I'm just curious.

"Um.., why do you ask?" Anne questions. I shrug nonchalantly and say, "Just curious." They both look at me weirdly but I shrug it off. This is harder then it looks, they're both trying to figure out why I'm asking a question like that.

"Louis. Is there something we should know about?" Mum asks. I shake my head.

"Well, if something like that were to happen, then we would have to keep the house quiet, and take him to the doctor to make sure everything is okay. Then from there, it depends what the doctor suggests." Anne tells me. Okay, so I need to keep Harry away from loud noises. Got it.

"Alright." I say to her and mum eyes me suspiciously, I try not to show any emotion. But of course, she questions me and talks. Stay cool Louis, do not give anything away. I tell myself over and over.

"Louis, you aren't hiding anything right?" Mum asks, I shake my head. "So you know if Harry could hear again. You would have to tell us, because we need to know about that sort of thing." I nod, telling her I understand.

"Promise you're not lying?" She asks. I shrug. "Louis." She warns. I fake yawn. "Tired mum, we'll talk about it later." I say.

Her eyes burn through me. It's like daggers or something. Creepy when it's your mom.

"Okay..." Anne says awkwardly. "Jay, could I talk to Louis alone?" She asks mum and mum nods and walks out. I sigh in relief, well, I'm somewhat relieved.

"Listen, Louis. I know Harry, and I know he probably made you promise not to tell anyone he somehow can hear again. So please keep him away from loud noises. And we'll keep things quiet with the girls." I didn't know how to reply to that. But it was understandable. Harry is her son, she knows everything about Harry, probably. And she knows Harry can hear, and she's so calm still. Wow.

I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Anne chuckled and said, "I know my son, Louis. He doesn't like troubling anyone, and he tries keeping everyone happy no matter what the situation is. He can hear again, and I know it."

"How?" Is all I manage to get out.

"How what? How do I know this? Well, the doctor said there was a slight possibility that Harry would get his hearing back, he didn't know when or if he really would. But it could happen, he said. There was a 99 percent chance it wouldn't happen and a 1 percent chance it would. My son just got lucky, on the day he met you. Maybe your special." She says with a smile.

I still don't know what to say. "Keep him safe, Louis. He needs you right now and something tells me he only trusts you. Keep him away from loud noises. I'll explain all this to your mum, and I'll book an appointment with the doctor for Harry." She tells me.

I nod and she stands up. "But wait." I say, remembering the promise I made to Harry.

She looks at me and I sigh. "Harry didn't want you knowing." I tell her.

She smiles. "I know. Just tell him I knew already, and you purposely didn't tell me. I just knew." I nod again and she walks out with a smile. Probably excited her son can hear again.

I look down at the sleeping boy in my arms and smile. I put an arm under his knees and the other on his back, then I stand up, lifting him up with me. I bring him to his bed and lay him down. I pull the devout up and cover his body.

I shut the lights and climb into my bed, falling into dream land.


A/N: Okay. So I just really wanted Harry to hear things in the story, lame, I know. I didn't know how to write in a deaf persons point of view. Then again, I could have kept it Louis' POV. Oh well. Hope you like it! :o

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