Silent Love (Larry Stylinson)

Louis was 18 years old, he had 4 younger sisters, Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy. He lived with 5 girls, including his mom. Louis encourages his mom to date, but little did he know, she already was. She was dating a girl, her own gender. When his mom confronts him and tells him she's gay, Louis has something he has to tell her too.

When Louis finds out his mom is gay, and also her, girlfriend, or wife? You could say. Louis also learns she has a son of her own. Harry.

When Louis learns something about Harry, he can't hear, but there is more to it. How will Louis feel about his new brother, and how does Harry feel about all this?


4. Chapter 3

A/N: Ugh. I'm so sorry! I feel like this story is horrible. Is it good? I feel it's sort of lame. Maybe I should read all the parts I wrote, like it wasn't my story. I dunno. 

Tell me what you think! Do you like it? Is it good, bad, please tell me. :) 



Harry's POV: (A/N: Finally!)

Louis and I spent a lot of time talking. Well, I had to read his lips, but whatever. I still enjoyed his company, he's really fun to be around and he's really curious about my life and all. It's really sweet. I think my crush on Louis is growing, and he knows I'm gay. I know he's gay. But neither one of us are making any moves. I'm actually kind of scared of falling in love. I mean, it's different with girls because it's natural, but how do I feel about falling in love with a boy. Who's now my brother.

I've had feelings for guys before, and I've even checked out my best mates Niall, Liam and Zayn. I know that sounds a little weird, but I can't help it. But Louis, Louis is different. He's cute, funny, tall, charming and just fun to be around. God, I got it bad. He's my brother. We can't do this, it wouldn't be right. But we aren't blood brothers, so it could work, I guess. What am I thinking?! I cannot do this! I can't have feelings for Louis.

But I unfortunately do have feelings for Louis. I don't think I can do anything about it. I'm just scared I guess. Scared of falling in love. I know I'm gay. I've known it for two years, I remember it started when I thought Niall was cute.

I even told him I thought he was cute and I started complimenting him and everything. He asked why I did it and that's when I spilled. I told him everything, my feelings towards him and everything. I also got help from Zayn, telling him I was gay and needed help, a week after telling Niall he was cute.

It was weird, but neither Niall nor Zayn judged. Zayn helped me get over Niall and Niall didn't mind at all. I found out Niall was gay a month later, and Zayn was bi. And they still are. Niall and I even flirt now, but it's not real, as a joke.

Liam doesn't know I'm gay though. I don't want him to know. He'd freak out, but he's always been supportive and caring, so he wouldn't judge me, right? I hope not.

But I've never kissed a boy before, I've never dated one and I've never felt so attracted to one, like I am with Louis. But what does he see in me? I'm death, I don't even know how he sounds. I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot how I sound. My voice probably changed a lot.

I hope things go well with Louis, I feel like I talked too much and scared him a little. I hope that's not true though.

We were all sitting at the dinner table. Jay, Louis and mum were talking about something, but I didn't bother with it, I don't need to know everything they say. So right now I'm just eating my dinner, not talking. I hope no one finds this weird. I don't really feel like talking to anyone right now. I just wanna eat.

But something was off, I felt a pair of eyes on me. But who's? I don't want to look up and see who it is. Maybe it's mum. Or it could be Jay. I don't know. "Just ignore it, Harry." I tell myself.

Few minutes pass by and I still feel eyes on me, staring intensely. I look up from my food and look around the table. Mum, Jay and the girls are all eating, laughing and talking. No one is looking at me right now. That leaves Louis. I look to my left where Louis is sitting beside me. He's the one staring at me.

(A/N: I'm lazy, so let's skip the rest of the dinner. (: Sorry.)

Louis drags me back to our room and we lay down on his bed. Staring at each other. We've talked a lot and I know so much about him now. It's amazing. I learned that he likes to joke around and make everyone laugh, but he's not all fun and games. He likes to be serious also and he likes to be in control and he takes things seriously, though it doesn't look like it all the time. He hides his emotions a lot. Mostly because he's lived with girls his whole life (like me, my sister Gemma and my mom) and he doesn't want them to laugh, because they're girls and they can get touchy. While us guys are different. Sort of. In a way.

Louis and I are staring into each others eyes. Damn. His eyes are so blue! I can see what he feels through his eyes. Right now, he's happy, and there's a hint of love in his eyes. Is that towards me? Just the thought of him loving me makes me melt. I know I love him, and I hope he can see that.

I'm horrible at hiding my emotions, I've tried hiding them before, but I can never go too far with it. Though, there are times where I hide them well. When I don't want anyone to know how I feel. I put up my barriers.

"Haz? Your zoning out on me." Louis' voice rings through my ears, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Did he just call me Haz? Yeah! He did! I only met him today and he already has a nickname for me. How sweet! But then there's Hazza, he's said that one before, everyone has. Well, a lot of people.

Wait! Did I really just hear Louis' voice??!!! I did! It was high but deep, and soft. I bolt up from my spot and sit on the bed. With wide eyes. This can't be happening! I can't hear anything. I'm death! I have been for years! How did I hear Louis then? I'm scared. It was scary hearing his voice. Or that voice, going through my ears. I haven't felt that for so long, since I was ten.

I feel a hand on my shoulder, Louis' hand. I turn to face him and he gives me a sympathetic smile. I don't return it though, I'm still in shock.

"What's wrong, Harry?" I read his lips. Still hearing that voice that I think is his, but I tried ignoring it. I shook my head, telling Louis that I was fine. Hoping he wouldn't ask more questions, but unfortunately he did. "Harry. We're brothers now, well, sort of. We could be mates, best mates. Brothers and best mates." He was rambling, how cute! "Okay. The point is, you can tell me anything. You don't have to be scared around me. I won't judge and I can keep a secret. So spill it. I know something's up." He tells me. God, he's demanding when he wants to be.

"Promise you won't tell our mums first." I tell him. To my surprise, he pulls me onto his lap, and makes me face him. Both my legs are around his waist. Well, he puts them there. I don't protest. He takes my beanie off and runs his hand through my hair, massaging my scalp. "I promise. I won't tell a soul. Until you want me to." He tells me.

I heavily sigh. Should I tell him I think I can hear stuff? It's scaring me. I need to tell someone. Might as well be Louis. I only met him today, but he's my new brother, and "best mate" so I can trust him. I am going to trust him. "I-I think I c-can hear things" I stutter out.

He looks at me confused. "What do you mean, what can you hear?" He asks. A groan escapes my mouth. Why can't he just understand! I can hear him!! His voice! I know for a fact that it's his voice. Because whatever I hear, his lips are saying. That sounds weird.

"I can hear you. I think. Your voice. I can hear it. I don't know how." I close my eyes as I speak. Not wanting to see Louis run off and tell our mums. But after a few moments, I don't feel Louis push me off of his lap, but his arms go around my waist, causing shivers to run through my body.

I open my eyes slowly and see Louis staring at me in awe. I tilt my head to the side and stare at him. He smiles warmly and says, "I won't tell anyone. If you don't want me to." I smile knowing he won't tell. "But, if it hurts hearing things or you're scared... You are going to tell me. Understood?" He says with a stern look.

I smile softly and nod. I hug him tightly and burry my face into his neck. "It's scary, Lou. It's scary hearing things." I tell him. I'm clearly not used to this at all. But who could blame me. It's been six years since I've last heard voices. It's so different and scary.

His grip on me gets tighter and I look up at him. He smiles sweetly. "It's going to be okay. I'll protect you and help you." He reassures me. I smile.

Louis is always going to be there for me, I know it. I love him so much, more than brothers and more than best mates. I want to tell him how I feel, mum says he feels the same. But I'm still so scared of him not loving me back. I don't want to be rejected.

What if he hates me after I tell him how I feel? What if he gets disgusted and never talks to me again, what if he changes his mind and doesn't love me back? What then? I'm just overreacting. Louis and I are close, we only met today but we're already so close. We love each other. We're meant to be together. It's destiny. Wow... That was corny. But it's true.

"Louis." I say in barely a whisper. Hoping he doesn't hear me. But he does.

"Yes, Haz?" He asks. I look into his eyes, they're full of love. Okay. I can do this. I know I can. I don't know why but when I looked into Louis' eyes, it gave me a huge confidence boost. Probably because of the love I saw in those big crystal blue eyes.

"I need to tell you something." I take a deep breath. Preparing to say those three little words that change a persons life.

"You can tell me anything." He says with a smile.

Louis... Please don't hate me for this...


Louis' POV:

I can't believe this! Harry can hear! Harry can hear me! He told me he's scared, but I comforted him and told him I'm here for him. This is amazing. Anne said Harry had to get surgery to hear. But he didn't yet. He doesn't even know his mum is planning it! But now he doesn't have to have it, he can hear! But he doesn't want me to tell, so I won't. I could tell he just got his hearing back a few minutes ago because he looked scared and lost.

Harry's still in my lap. I'm still holding him close, for comfort. But I wish I could hold him like this all the time, not just for comfort, but because I can. I wish I could call him mine. My boyfriend, my love. I wish I could say cute things that would embarrass both of us and vice versa. I wish I could call him things like "baby" and "love" and "sweet cheeks." Anything really, just because I can. I wish.

I know Harry loves me. Anne said, and I see the way he looks at me. With love. He's so innocent and cute. He's adorable. The perfect definition of beautiful and perfect. Harry snaps me out of his thoughts by looking into my eyes. I'm not that zoned out, I'm aware of my surroundings.

Harry is staring at me intensely. With love, fear, sadness, hope, and confusion. He then whispers something, barely in a whisper even. But I heard. "Louis." He whispers.

"Yes, Haz?" I reply softly, making sure not to reply too loudly, so it doesn't scare him more. He looks up and into my eyes. With this intense stare, it's full of fear. I stare back lovingly and I can see and feel his whole body relax. As if I took a loud off of him.

"I need to tell you something." He says quietly, still seeming unsure. He inhales a deep breath then exhales. I smile, but he doesn't notice. How cute is he! I bet I can't even go two seconds without thinking Harry's cute, or adoring him in some way, or not thinking about him. I just can't.

"You can tell me anything." I reassure him. He heavily sighs again. I wonder what's occupying his head.

"I...I..I think I... I" he stutters out nervously. I place a soft kiss on his forehead to comfort and reassure him. He sighs, but his body is still tense.

"Haz. You weren't nervous a few moments ago. You don't need to be nervous around me. I won't judge you. Just tell me." I say to him. It's true, I won't judge him. I want to know what's on his mind.

"I think... No, I know... I love you. Louis. I love you more then brothers and best mates, I love you as in I'm in-" I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. I know what he's trying to say, he loves me the same way I love him.

It takes him a moment to react because he's so shocked. But he does. The kiss isn't forced, it's simple, soft and slow. But full of passion and love. I lick his lower lip, asking for entrance. He hesitates but opens his mouth, allowing me in.

I explore every inch of his mouth, loving how it feels. His arms wrap around my neck and I bring mine to his waist, pulling him closer.

He smiles into the now heated kiss and pulls me closer. If that's even possible. My hands go up to his curls and I tug at them softly, causing a moan to escape from his mouth. I moan at how sexy his moans are. Haha, I actually said that. Or thought it.

We eventually pull away to get some air but are still holding onto each other. I smile at Harry and he smiles back, showing those adorable dimples again. "Hey Haz?" I ask.

He looks at me and smiles bigger, if that's possible. "Yes, Boo?" He asks. I chuckle softly. These nicknames are adorable, especially coming out of his mouth. He tilts his head to the side again, looking as cute as ever. Batting his long eyelashes at me and looking cute, innocent and adorable. God, this boy has a huge affect on me. And I only met him today! The minute we locked eyes, he was mine and I was his. That's how it felt.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" I ask hopefully. His smile gets bigger and he flings his arms around me again. I hadn't even noticed we weren't holding each other. He buries his head in the crook of my neck. I smile at him and I can feel his smile on my skin. "Yes." He mumbles against my skin.

I hug him and hold him close.

We stay like that for awhile, holding each other and enjoying the moment. Once we pull away we lock eyes for what seems like the billionth time today. He grins and his blue-green eyes twinkle with lust and happiness.

"I love you." He says and blushes afterwards from embarrassment. I swear, this boy will be the end of me. "I love you too, Hazzabear." I tell him.

"Forever and always?" He asks. I nod. "Forever and always." I repeat.


A/N: Haha. Bet you didn't expect all that to happen. I hope you like it! I'm confused with the story, so I apologize if it's no good.

-Summer <3

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