Silent Love (Larry Stylinson)

Louis was 18 years old, he had 4 younger sisters, Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy. He lived with 5 girls, including his mom. Louis encourages his mom to date, but little did he know, she already was. She was dating a girl, her own gender. When his mom confronts him and tells him she's gay, Louis has something he has to tell her too.

When Louis finds out his mom is gay, and also her, girlfriend, or wife? You could say. Louis also learns she has a son of her own. Harry.

When Louis learns something about Harry, he can't hear, but there is more to it. How will Louis feel about his new brother, and how does Harry feel about all this?


2. Chapter 1

Louis' POV, (Present):

I was sitting in our SUV for half an hour now. Only three and a half more hours to go.

I groaned at the thought. Why did we have to move so far away? Harry must have it worse though, he has to be in the car for eight hours while I only have to be here for four, or three and a half now.

Louis tried being reasonable about all this, having another boy in the house, that was the best thing ever! But how will he talk to Harry, will Harry think he's weird. How will they communicate, what if he offended Harry, what if Harry didn't like him?

All these thoughts, plus many, many more, were sworming around in my head.

I sighed, leaning back in my seat and closing my eyes. Trying to get these thoughts out of my head. But to no surprise, I started thinking about it more.

'What if he hates me the second he sees me, but Mum says he's gay. So he wouldn't hate me. Right? What does being gay have to do with Harry hating me? What if Harry ignores me, what would it be like then? Sharing a room, house, and everything else with him, it would be awkward. I hope he won't hate me.'

I squeeze my eyes shut tighter, even though they are already shut, then I open them.

A thought occurred to me, why is it so quiet back there? The girls are usually loud and somewhat annoying.

I turn around and glance behind me. Fizzy is reading a book, Lottie is staring out the window, Daisy is staring out the window half asleep and Phoebe is twiddling with her fingers and entertaining herself. And Mum, she's smiling widely, obviously excited.

I turn my attention to the window again and stare outside. Forcing myself not to think so hard. I shut my eyes and slowly go into dreamless, peaceful sleep.


3 hours later 


My eyes flutter open and I yawn, taking in my surroundings.

What am I doing in a car, where are we going?  

I sit up straight, squinting my eyes as it all comes back to me.

We're going to our new house, with Anne and Harry. Harry, the boy who's been on my mind all day. I finally get to meet him, in four or five hours, but still today!

I pull out my phone from my pocket and look at the time, 1:49 PM. Which means only a few more minutes until we get to the new house and four hours until I meet Harry.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Why am I thinking of Harry so much, I haven't even met him yet. I don't even know how he looks! Wait! Mum's seen Harry!

"Hey Mum?"

"Yes sweetie?" she asks, still looking out at the road.

"You've seen and met Harry, right?" I ask.

Mum smirks, "yes I have, why?" she asks, still smirking.

"So you know how he looks?" I ask, hoping she'll understand what I'm leaning towards.

"Yes I do. You'll be surprised, honey. You'll want to make him yours in no time" I groan.

"Mom! I'm interested in him, okay? It's just a crush. Just on what you've told me" I protest, okay, so it's a big crush. I'm just anxious.

"Exactly, you want to know all this because you like him. Don't worry, he's very likeable." Ugh! Not what I wanted to hear!!

"How does he look? How small is he, how short?" I ask, curiosity in my voice and desperation, which causes mom to laugh. "It's not funny! Tell me" I whine.

"You'll get all your answers when you meet him, don't worry Boobear" No! Not the stupid nickname.

I roll my eyes at her. "Your nice" I say stubbornly, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Very nice" she corrects me, making me roll my eyes again.

"Can't you just tell me more about him?" I ask mum, hoping she will give in.

"Not a chance. I told you enough, the rest you will see, soon." She tells me, I'm about to protest when she continues talking, "Be nice to him Louis. I told you before that he can have his down falls, he's cheeky and all, but not always. It's like a shell-" I cut her off, knowing all this already.

"I know Mum, you don't need to remind me" I tell her.

She smirks, "just trying to help" I roll my eyes.

"Well, anyways, we're here!" Mum says excitedly as she pulls over into our new houses driveway.

I look at the house. It's huge! This is our new house? Wow.

It has space for two or three cars to park, a huge front yard with flowers and decorations placed already, the front porch of the house is wide too. This is amazing.

We walk inside and theirs a spot as you enter, about 5 inches away from the door is a wrack for coats, scarfs and other stuff, and there is a rug when you walk in, so you can take your shoes off their, obviously so the house doesn't get dirty.

The living room is to the left when you walk in, it's wide and looks comfy, with a couch that could fit four people and there's another, that can sit two, but is big enough for three or four people probably. They're so big!

Next when you walk past the living room, the kitchen is there, it's big. This whole area is open and no doors are separating the kitchen from the living room or anything. I love it!

There is a door near the kitchen and dining area, it leads to the backyard and I think I saw a pool?

There are two doors near the swirly staircase, a few inches away, one is a closet and another is an extra washroom.

"Now everyone listen up" mum calls out and all the girls go over to her, so I decide I should too. I walk over and stand behind the girls. "I want you all to take your suitcases upstairs and unpack. I'll help if needed. Phoebe and Daisy are sharing a room, Lottie and Fizzy are sharing one, and Louis, you know you're sharing with Harry." Mom looks at me and I nod, telling her I know.

Mum continues, "Their are labels upstairs on each room door, so you know what room is what. Anne and Harry helped, so if there is writing that's different it's theirs. Probably." Mom says we all nod. "Now they'll be here in about 3 hours, about that time. So unpack and change into something nice, all of you" mom finishes and we all do what she says.

I go up the stairs with my suitcase and I know the girls are a few steps away.

Once I get to the top, I look at the labels on the left side, 'Lottie and Fizzy,' 'Washroom,' 'Closet,' 'Mom's' then it stops I think.

On the right side... 'Phoebe and Daisy,' 'Washroom,' 'Music Room,' and finally 'Louis and Harry'

I put my suitcase near one of the beds and close the door to the room, keeping it unlocked.

There are two beds, four or five inches away from each other, beside the beds are two drawers with lamps on them, there are two desks, two dressers in the room and there is even a window and... Balcony? That's so cool!

"Nice isn't it?" A voice behind me says, snapping me out of my gaze. I turn around and smile at mum. "Yeah, it's big too." I state. Mom nods.

"Unpack and change" she says as she walks out the door.


It took me a good 45 minutes to unpack, but I did it!

The room looks better now, not like those on TV that are clean with nothing on drawers and stuff.

It only has my stuff in it right now, but it's still good.

I guess I'd better change now.

After 15 minutes I get frustrated, not knowing what to wear or how to dess. So I settle for something simple, or simple enough.

I'm wearing black trousers, a striped shirt and dark navy blue suspenders. Also my white TOMS.

Maybe it looks too weird? I think. But I don't want to change again, so this will do.

Only three more hours until Anne and her son, Harry, get here.

I don't know what to do now, so I decide to take a nap.

I flop down onto one of the beds, the one on the right side of the room, or closer to the right.

I let sleep take over me.


Harry's POV (same day):

Today was the day! The day I get to meet my new or other, mom, and her kids.

I met Daisy, Phoebe, Fizzy and Lottie already, two or three days ago, they're all hyper.

Even though I can't hear, I can still understand by reading their lips.

Also, yesterday mom gave me some ear piece thing, if I put it in my ears, I can hear. But I feel old wearing it, so I don't know. (A/N: The ear piece they use on stage, to hear what to do, you know? Pretend it's that)

Mum also says we have the option to do a surgery or something, the doctors can do, so I can get my hearing back.

I don't know though, it'll be scary hearing things again. But we'll see later on, what happens.

Right now, mum and I are in the SUV, driving to our new house, which we have been for the past thirty seven minutes, I'm not that patient with things, but in fairness, sometimes I can be very patient and wait a long time.

My thoughts have been going around to Louis, I didn't get to meet him before, but I'm so curious.

Mum told me he's gay, so that's a plus for me.

'But how does he look? How tall is he, would he think I was too short? What if he doesn't like me or what if he doesn't like me because I can't hear, what if he ignores me or acts like I don't exist? What then?' those are just a few things I'm curious about.

I hope everything goes well.

I adjust myself in my seat, leaning my head back in the chair and close my eyes. Letting sleep take over me. I mean, why not? We have right hours until we get there.


4 and a half hours later; 1:27 PM 


My eyes slowly open and I take in my surroundings.

Trees, road, cars, buildings, highways?

What, where am I? Didn't I wake up?

I look around.

Oh nevermind, I remember. We're going to our new house.

I hope the girls like me, or still like me. Hopefully, I won't be boring them and I can entertain them somehow.

What Louis hate me if the girls hated me though?

I doubt they even do, because they were all excited to see me, or looked excited, at least.

Why do I even care so much about Louis? I haven't even met him yet.

I guess it's because he'll be the only other boy, or he's gay, or I may fancy him... Or his personality? I don't know.

I check the time on my phone, 1:36 PM.

I look over at mum, who's driving and still smiling. She's really happy about moving, so am I. I'm more excited, but a little worried.

"Mum, when do we get there?" I ask.

"In four hours, at 5:00 pm." she tells me.

I nod and stare out the window, thinking about everything.

(A/N: I'm skipping the rest of the car ride, sorry. I'm stumped, I dont know what else to write for Harry. For the car ride, at least.)

Once we finally get there, Mum pulls into the driveway, where there's another car parked. Mum parks beside it, and there are still two spots for parking, one or two.

This place is HUGE!!

There's a huge garden with plants and decorations, the front yard is really big. The porch is big too, wide and has a chair near the corner.

I get my suitcase out of the car while mum walks in with hers.

This is a huge house!

I walk in a few minutes later, like 10 minutes later. This place is so spectacular looking!

I walk into the house, and am greeted by Phoebe.

"Hi Harry!" She says, smiling widely and looking up at me.

"Hello, love" I say and she giggles.

"Hello! Do you want me to take your stuff up?" she asks, pointing at the swirly staircase.

I smile and shake my head. "No need, Phoebe. I'll bring it up later."

She nods and skips off into the open kitchen area.

There aren't any doors here, except the backyards door, like, the living room and kitchen are big, and from where in standing at the entrance of the house, I can see both the kitchen and living room right in front of me.

I look around in daze, admiring this huge house, until I'm snapped out if it when Fizzy, my other new sister, comes in front of me and taps my arm.

I look down at her because she's shorter. "Yes?"

"Why are you standing here?" She asks.

"Erm... I was just looking around." I tell her, and I am being honest, I was looking around and admiring this place.

"No, you were standing. Looking around requires you to walk" she tells me, trying to be smart.

"Um, no. You can stand in one spot to look around, or you can walk. Looking around is, well, looking around and admiring things or observing their features. I could be standing here, in one spot, which I was, and I could be looking around, which I was" I tell her.

She stares blankly at me, causing me to smirk. I let go of my suitcase and put it against a wall, near the staircase. I look back at Fizzy, who's still staring blankly at nothing now.

I chuckle lightly, "too smart for you?"

"Um...," she stutters, clearly in shock, or something like that.

"Don't try to out smart a 16 year old, Fizz. You'll just get embarrassed" I tell her.

She looks up at me and I smirk and smile a cheeky smile, causing my dimples to show. Fizzy looks at me for a minute before saying,

"I out smart my brother all the time, and he's 18!" she whines at the end.

I laugh slightly, "well, it depends on the person I guess, and how smart they actually are." Fizzy nods, I continue, "either that, or to make you happy he lets you out smart him or he could just be annoyed and not want you to bother him, so he lets you be all smart" I tell her.

She looks at me blankly again, then sticks her tongue out at me before walking back into the kitchen.

Then another little girl comes to me, this time it's Daisy.

"Hi Harry!" she says excitedly.

"Hello Daisy!" I smile.

"Hi! Come to the kitchen!" She says smiling, and grabs my hand leading me to the kitchen where everyone else is.


A/N: Sorry if it wasn't good, and I realized Louis' POV's are longer than Harry's, not on purpose. Sorry!

Hope you liked it! 

Xxx Bye.

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