Imperfectly Perfect: A Luke Hemmings & Calum Hood Fan Fic

Sarah is a 17 year old singer-songwriter. What will happen when she goes on tour with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer? Will love find her way? Will her heart be broken?


1. Prologue

July 16,2013 Luke's POV

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKEY!!!!!!!!", Michael, Calum, and Ashton shout from the doorway. The boys walk in and start jumping on the bed to wake me up. 

"I'M UP DAMMIT!!!" They stop jumping and Ashton and Calum leave. They come back in carrying a huge chocolate cake. Goddamn I love these guys.


"Thanks guys. Now get the fuck out." They start to fake cry and pout.

"Okay... Happy Birthday Lukey.", Calum says.

"Bye. Happy Birthday to the little shit!!!", Michael shouts as he runs out of my room.

"Get dressed. We're gonna go out for the day.", Ashton says and gives me a hug.

"Okay. Thanks, Ashton." Ashton leaves and I hop out of bed and stretch. I didn't bother looking at the clock when they woke me up so I looked and it said 6:00 am. Fuck. I went to bed at like 2 in the morning and then they wake me up at 6. Goddamn. Couldn't they just let me sleep? Nope. They're too goddamn impatient. I go to the bathroom and start the shower. I brush my teeth then strip. The hot water feels good on my skin. I wash my hair and body then hop out. I walk to the closet and see what there is. I decide on my blue varsity jacket and grey t-shirt. I slip on some skinny jeans and some vans.

"Where we going boys?", I ask as I walk into the living room of the hotel room.

"NANDO'S!!!!!!!!!", they shout.

"For breakfast?......... I love you guys."

Sarah's POV July 30,2013

'I dedicate this song to you. The one who nevers sees the truth that I can take away your hurt Heartbreak Girl.' I throw my pillow at my alarm and smile. Tonight was the night. I was going to the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer concert in San Jose. I went in the bathroom and took a shower, brushed my teeth, and put my hair in a messy bun. I went to my room and pulled out some skinny jeans, a 5SOS t-shirt and converse. I got dressed and went to the kitchen and grabbed a banana and some coffee. I grabbed my purse and car keys off the counter and kissed my little brother and sister on the cheek. 

"Where do you think you're going?", my mom asks me with her hands on her hips. My mom is a beautiful woman. Long curly auburn hair and light skin. She's my height and I guess you could say she was on the heavier side. I still thought she was beautiful.

"I'm going to the mall with Maggie to get my hair and nails done for the concert tonight. I'm also going to buy a cute outfit. Why?"

"Just making sure."

"Okay. Bye Mom. See you later." I gave her a kiss on the cheek then walked out the door. I went to Maggie's house and picked her up.

"Hey girl. What's up?", my best friend since 4th grade asks me. Maggie is Mexican and proud. She's lost a lot of weight since we first met. Now she is tall and thin but has some curves. Maggie and I are about the same height but she's a little bit taller than me.

"Nothing. Just going to the mall for a little pampering."

"Oh yeah! We need to get pretty for tonight."

"We already are smoking hot. What do we have to worry about?"

"Girls that are prettier than us?"

"Babe. You know we're beautiful. You can't deny it."

"I know. Just wanted to hear you say it.", Maggie says shrugging.

We get to the mall and head straight for Regis Salon. I get the full treatment: cutting and styling.  My hair is mid-back length and dark brown. It has a enviable wave to it. I personally hate my hair but everyone wants my hair. Its kinda disappointing that they can't have it actually. Maggie gets her hair styled and dip-dyed red. Her hair is shoulder length and almost black. Her hair is really wavy but not quite curly. We walk to Aeropostale and Hollister. I pick out a belted chambray dress from Aeropostale and some pretty embroidered sandals from Hollister. Maggie gets some beige crochet slip-ons from Aeropostale and a polka-dot old town romper from Hollister. Then, we go to Sephora and get our make-up done. Eventually we get hungry and head to Panda Express.

"Well that was fun!", Maggie excitedly says.

"I know right!"

We head to my house and watch Anchor Man, my favorite movie. By the time the movie's over, its 2 hours before the concert. We change into our clothes then get our asses over to the HP Pavilion. The line was huge. OMFG. What in the hell were we going to do. We hop in line and wait. Ugh. I'm so impatient.

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