Imperfectly Perfect: A Luke Hemmings & Calum Hood Fan Fic

Sarah is a 17 year old singer-songwriter. What will happen when she goes on tour with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer? Will love find her way? Will her heart be broken?


6. Jealousy looks good on you

Sarah's POV

Oh my god. I just sang and played guitar in front of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Holy shit fuck motherfucker.

"You did great babe.", Luke says as he hugs me. What the fuck. Luke Hemmings just hugged me for no reason at all. 

"Sarah omg!!! You did great!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!", Maggie says.

"Thanks girly." Everybody was clapping and congratulating me on how well I did. it was kinda embarassing actually. Luke seemed like he was the most proud of me and it felt really good when he hugged me. like it felt warm and comforting and I guess I felt safe in his arms.

Luke's POV

I hugged her. And it felt amazing. Everybody was clapping and congratulating her. The weird thing was that I had my arm around her shoulders the entire time they were congratulating her.

"Alright guys!! Let's get down to business!", Liam says.

Sarah's POV

We started writing but it was really weird. Niall, Louis, and Liam wanted to write about young love.

"Let's just write about Luke and Sarah!!!!", Niall said making Luke and I blush furiously. Everybody fucking agreed with Niall. Goddamn boys.

After we were done, One Direction left and 5 Seconds of Summer just hung out with. We all got to know each other. Mikey is like a little kid. Calum is like my bestie. Ashton is my  overprotective big brother. And Luke. He's....... He's Luke. I don't know. I want him to ask me out but I don't think he likes me that way. According to Paul, Maggie and I are sharing a hotel room with the boys. Mikey and Maggie in one bedroom, Calum and Ashton in another, and then Luke and I in the last bedroom. Yay....! Sharing a room with one bed with an attractive teenage boy. Totally not going to be awkward.

"I'll sleep on the floor.", Luke says as we go into our room.

"No. It's okay. You need your sleep with concerts and all. I'll sleep on the floor."

"Nope. We'll share the bed okay?"

"Okay....", I say kinda nervous that I'm going to be sleeping in the same bed as Luke. I doubt Luke's going to make a move but still. It's weird. I go in the bathroom and change into a 5SOS shirt and sweats. Luke of course decided to sleep TOPLESS. Goddamn that boy is fine. Fuck you hormones. Puberty done right. SHUT UP HORMONES!!!! I crawled into bed and got under the covers. Luke slipped in right next to me. He pulled me against him and we spooned a little. SHUT UP HORMONES!!!!!

"Good night babe."

"Good night Luke."

Next Morning

"WAKE UP BITCHES!!!!!!! GET YOUR TIGHT ASSES OUT OF BED!!!", Maggie screams while jumping on the bed.

"FUCK YOU MAGGIE!!! GO AWAY!! I WANT TO SLEEP!!", I yell at her.


"THAT'S IT!! MAGGIE LEAVE THE LOVE BIRDS ALONE!!!", Mikey says as he throws her over his shoulder and walks out of our room. I look around the room and the bed and notice Luke's and mine position. I'm sprawled across his chest.  I blush and crawl off of Luke and he laughs.

"You didn't have to fo that. You're light and you keep me warm."

"Umm. Okay.", I say. Luke pulls me against him and I put my head on his chest and wrap my arms around him. I swear to god he's a giant teddy bear.

"Hi.", I say.


"Whatcha doin?"

'Umm. Cuddling with you."

"Oh. Duh..", I say as I facepalm. I seriously don't know how to do this. I get out of bed and go take a shower and brush my teeth. After I get out of the shower, Luke gets in and I pull on some aqua skinny jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt. I walk out of my room and find Mikey and Maggie making out.

"Am I seriously the only one not getting any? Oh hey Sarah.", Calum says.

"I'm not getting any.", Ashton says.

"Hey guys.", I say and walk into the kitchen of the hotel room.

"How did you sleep babe?", Calum says as he walks up behind me and gives me a hug. while I'm looking for cereal.

"Fine. How did you sleep?"


"You okay?", I say because Calum was acting weird for some reason.


"Okay. Have any cereal?"

"Holy shit. We forgot to grab some for you.", Calum says as he facepalms.

"It's okay. Denny's?"

"Yeah. Guys we're going to Denny's. See you later!". Callum yells as we walk out the door.

"What would you like miss?", the waitress asks me.

"I want pancakes and scrambled eggs and bacon and toast."

"Alrighty then." The waitress leaves after taking Calum's order.

"What do you think of Luke?", Calum asks me.

"Uhh. He's nice and attractive but you can't tell him that." Calum pulls out his phone and dials some numbers.

"Hey Luke. Sarah says that you're sexy."

"NO I DIDN'T!! HE SAID THAT HE'D TURN GAY FOR YOU!!" Calum shows me his phone and all he did was type in random numbers. Goddamnit. 

"Ugh. I hate you Cal."

"No you don't. You loooovvvveeee me."

"Okay. You have a point. So what do you think of Maggie?"

"She's cool but she's a little tease.She gave Ash, Mikey, and me her number when we first met."

"I know. She told me." We talked about ourselves and we have a lot in common personality wise. I like Cal. He's my bestie. Sorry Maggie. You've been replaced. Jk. :*

We walked back to the hotel hand in hand. Cal opened the door for me when we got to the hotel room. Luke was leisuring on the couch watching Mikey and Ash play video games. Maggie was on her phone. When Luke sees that Cal and I are holding hands, he glares at Cal and Cal quickly lets go of my hand. Whatever. It's not like Luke and I are dating or Cal and I are dating.

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