Imperfectly Perfect: A Luke Hemmings & Calum Hood Fan Fic

Sarah is a 17 year old singer-songwriter. What will happen when she goes on tour with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer? Will love find her way? Will her heart be broken?


3. Good news

Author's NoteHey babes. I hope you're enjoying this fanfic. Sarah in this story is 17 year old me and Maggie is my future bff. Hope you enjoy this chapter!! Xx

Sarah's POV

"I'm kidding. I'm a Luke girl all the way." He smiles at me and I smile back. Should I have told him that I really am a Calum girl? Umm. Probably not. That would be a purdy bad idea. Luke sits down on the couch and I sit next to him. We start chatting about penguins since they were our favorite animals, music, and family. We both have the same taste in music. Luke has 2 brothers and I told him I have 5 siblings. My brother Josh and step-sister Tayler are in college. My step-brother Nick lives in Indiana with his mom. My half-brother and sister Te'a and Logan are in 5th and 6th grade.

Author's Note- By the way all the facts presented in here about Sarah are TRUE. I do have 5 siblings but the oldest currently is a junior in high school. Nick and Tayler currently live in Indiana with their mom and step-dad.

"Time's up. Please exit the dressing room and go to your seats. Thank you and enjoy the concert.", the same man who led Maggie and I here said. Luke and the other boys frowned.

"Hey Sarah?", Luke says.


"Can I have your number so that we can maybe meet up sometime?", he says with a hopeful and desperate look in his eyes.

"Yeah. Give me your phone." We trade phones and I make a new contact, naming it "Sarah's a sexy penguin :*".I give him his phone back and he chuckles when he sees what I named my contact. Luke gives me my phone back. He named his contact "The Sexiest Member of 5SOS" Maggie and I leave the dressing room with huge smiles plastered on our faces. Turns out she gave Michael, Ashton, and Calum her number and they gladly accepted. I told her that she's going to have to choose between them if it all works out.

Luke's POV

"Time's up. Please exit the dressing room and go to your seats. Thank you and enjoy the concert.", the same man who led Sarah and Maggie here said. All of us frowned. I wanted to keep in touch with Sarah so I asked for her number.

"Hey Sarah?", I ask her.


"Can I have your number so that we can maybe meet up sometime?", I say. I hope I don't look too desperate.

"Yeah. Give me your phone." We trade phones and I make a new contact, naming it "The Sexiest Member of 5SOS". She gives me my phone back and I saw that she named it "Sarah's a sexy penguin :*". I laugh at her immaturity but I named mine "The Sexiest Member of 5SOS" so I can't complain. I give Sarah her phone back. Maggie and Sarah both left with huge smiles on their faces.

"Guys. Maggie is soooooooo hilarious and gorgeous.", Calum says.

"WHAT THE FUCK MAN! SHE'S MINE!", Michael says.

"Guys. Chill. She's totally into me. She's MINE.", Ashton says. Well then. Maggie is a little flirt and Sarah is a little bit shy-er.

"Well why did she give me her number?", Michael says.


"She gave me her number too. She's such a little flirty tease.", Ashton says.

"So how did it go with whatsername?", Michael says.

"Her name is Sarah by the way. Good."

"Well did you get her number?"

"Duh. How could let her leave without a chance of talking to her again?"

Sarah's POV

The concert was amazing. After the concert, we met One Direction and Maggie nearly fainted. She called them sexy beasts and crazy mofos. Thank god she didn't give them her number. 5SOS performed Try Hard, Heartbreak Girl, Beside You, Gotta Get Out, and Unpredictable. They did a cover of Teenage Dirtbag with One Direction, too. 

Next Morning

'I dedicate this song to you. The one who never sees the truth that I can take away your hurt Heartbreak Girl.' I throw my pillow at my alarm and roll out of bed, landing on the floor with a loud thump. 'Ow.', I think to myself. I stand up and walk to my bathroom. I take a shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair. I walk to my closet and slip on some shorts and a Runaways t-shirt. Walking down the stairs, I hear my mom talking to my step-dad Mikey. His real name is Michael but I've always called him Mikey.

"Mike. We can't let her go."

"Diana. Its HER DREAM we're talking about here." What the fuck. What are they talking about? I have 2 dreams: 1.go to Stanford and become a neonatalogist 2.write for One Direction/go on tour with One Direction. Which dream are they talking about?

"No. She might get hurt."

"She could get hurt anywhere at anytime. How many times has she broken her wrists again?"

"You have a point. But she's going to be travelling the world with these boys."


"No." my mom says at the say time Mikey says yes.

"WELL YES OR NO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

"Yes honey. You're going on tour with One DIrection as a songwriter and guitarist.", my mom says.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'M GOING ON TOUR WITH ONE DIRECTION BITCHES!!! FUCK YEAH!!!", I scream while giving them each a bunch of hugs and kisses.

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