Imperfectly Perfect: A Luke Hemmings & Calum Hood Fan Fic

Sarah is a 17 year old singer-songwriter. What will happen when she goes on tour with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer? Will love find her way? Will her heart be broken?


4. Arriving in Las Vegas

"I'M GOING ON TOUR WITH ONE DIRECTION AND I WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME!!!!!!!', I say into the phone to Maggie.


So yeah. It's official. I'm going on tour with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. I can't stop crying and fangirling and laughing and crying and fangirling. My dreams are coming true. It seems like such a dream. I'm meeting the boys in Las Vegas in 4 days to join them on the tour. I'm so excited that I think I've had at least 5 million heart attacks.

Day of meeting One Direction in Vegas

Last night, I packed all of my stuff. Literally everything. Everything as in all my clothes, electronics, shoes, make-up, and accessories. Maggie spent the night last night since our flight is at 9.

"Bye mommy.", I say while hugging my mom goodbye at the airport.

"Bye baby. Don't get pregnant on me. I'm too young to be a grandma and you're too young to be a mom.", my mom says with tears streaming down her face. I laugh and wipe away my mom's tears.

"I promise not to get pregnant and have sex. Scout's honor. Don't cry mommy. There's Facebook and Instagram and texting and Skype. It'll be like I never left."

"Baby. When you're gone, a piece of my heart will be missing until you get back."

"I love you and I'm gonna miss you mommy."

"I love you baby. Have fun."

"Bye Mikey.", I say to my step-dad while giving him a hug.

"Bye honey. Have fun but not too much fun. You'll have to have fun with me when you get back.", he says while kissing the top of my head. Mikey is like 2 feet taller than me. He's a giant.

"I'm gonna miss you."

"I'll miss you too sweetheart."

"Don't leave sis!!! I'll be super sad if you leave me!!!', my little sister, Te'a, says to me.

"Yeah Sarah. Don't leave!!! I'll be stuck with her!", my little brother Logan says. Logan and I have always had a really close relationship. He's my little boob.

"Guys. I have to. This is my dream. I'll miss you lots and will always be here for you no matter what. Even if I'm around the world. I'll be there in 2."

"Don't use One Direction lyrics on me sis. Have fun and get autographs. Oh and don't hook up with Niall!!! BITCH HE'S MINE!!!!!" I laugh at my sister's remark. I don't plan on dating One Direction. I'll probably only hang out with 5SOS. After all, they are my age.

After plane has landed, getting off

Maggie and I get off the plane and look for Paul. Paul is One Direction's bodyguard and he's supposed to pick us up.

"Sarah! Over here!" I spot Paul by the Starbucks waving his hands in the air at us. We walk over and introduce ourselves.

"Hi Paul. I'm Sarah and this is my best friend Maggie." We shake hands and he hands me a white mocha. My fave.

"Nice to meet you ladies. We must hurry since they have a concert tonight and we need to introduce you two."

"Okay. I'M ABOUT TO MEET ONE DIRECTION BITCHES!! BE JELLY!!!", Maggie screams to the crowd. They look at her likes she's a psycho. Can't blame 'em. She is a psycho. We leave the airport and get into a black Suburban. The hotel was huge and fans were all over the place. I would join them but I'm about to meet them so yeah. We exit the elevator onto the 17th floor. Paul leads us down the halls to room 1767.

"Ladies. I would like to present One Direction.", Paul says as he opens the door of the hotel room.

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