He is the biggest troublemaker in school and I was falling for him.


5. Chapter 5

Harry's POV

Okay I think everything is ready now. I really hope she likes it! I text her "On my way beautiful(:" She replied "Awh(: I'll be here(:" God, she is so adorable. Okay so back to the plans. I got the candles, the music is ready, the pictures are up. okay I think I'm good. I really hope she says yes! 

Brittany's POV

I am so excited for this! Even though I don't know what it is, I'm still really excited. I thought about what it might be while I waited for Harry. Well for the 5 minutes that I waited anyways. He must not have been too far. he knocked so I got up and went to the door. "Why hello Harry."

"Hello Brittany." I just laughed and gave him a kiss. I grabbed my bag and got in his car. He made me wear a blindfold since it was a surprise. "Are we there yet?" i asked for the billionth time. "Just about." All I could do is smile. When the car came to a stop I started to jump in my seat. Harry got out of the car and helped me out since I'm ya know, blindfolded. He walked me over to a spot and told me to stand there for a minute. Then he said, "okay, you can take it off." I took the blindfold off and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was beautiful. He had candles lit around a little pond and rose petals everywhere. He had pictures of us from his phone on a big screen He even had my favorite song playing. I didn't know what to say. I was honestly speechless. I couldn't believe my eyes when he came up beside me as the words I've been waiting to hear came up on the screen. "Brittany, will you.....

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